City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Monday November 11th , 2018

Mayor Brunk opened the regular meeting at 7:02pm.  Roll was called Anderson, Bowman, Wulf, Behrends and Cox were all present.  Alderman French was not present.  Alderman Cox made a motion that he wanted to add Executive Session onto the agenda to discuss personnel issues.  Alderman Anderson seconded that motion.   Motion carried unanimously.  The minutes of the October meeting were presented.  Alderman Cox made a motion that the meeting minutes be approved and Alderman Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  Alderman French was marked present at 7:05pm.  The monthly treasurer’s report was in the council’s monthly packet, the council reviewed.  The video gaming revenue for the month of October was $2999.85.  The sales tax figures for the month of October were $11869.65.  There was no transfer of funds this month.  Monthly bills were presented.  Alderman Wulf made a motion and Alderman Cox seconded that the bills be paid as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Guests:  Carolyn Defenbaugh

Public Comment:


Students of the month:


Public Works (McClure):  McClure stated all the junk/brush has been picked up.  There were some issues at the water plant so the crew has been working out there.  McClure also stated that FS is wanting water and sewer out on Pack Plant Rd, the estimate.  The sewer part is the most expensive and it takes 90 days to get the permit and an annexation request is needed.

Police Chief (Helmich):  (Helmich not present) Mayor Brunk stated that there was a wreck in the police SUV, while transporting prisoners Officer Kennedy hit a deer.  The insurance will be contacted and we will get an estimate to them.  The Mayor requests the police committee to meet and discuss the purchase of vehicle.  There are some in Greenfield that the city could look at.  Alderman Behrends said that he thinks that we should try to get a grant again if it is a total loss.

Fire Chief (Reynolds):  There was a trailer fire, a car fire, and an accident on 125.  Fire department received a battery operated hurst extractor.


Board Reports

Zoning (Merriman):  12/13 at 7pm will be the next zoning board meeting.

Park (Cox):  Log Cabin Days was busy, the park is now closed for the winter, the gates are closed.  The next meeting is in February

Library:  Mike Reynolds is now the President of the Library Board.  They had a used book sale during the city wide.  There was also a Halloween Party and they read books to the children

Economic Development (Anderson):  There is a possible new business that is going to be coming to town.  They are trying to find a building for it.

Cemetery (Behrends):  nothing to report at this time

Attorney’s Report:  Mayor Brunk stated that Attorney Veith would not be present at tonight’s meeting due to a family emergency.  He wanted to relay the information from Attorney Veith that the annex for Grow mark will be ready next month and the Arenzville Water Co-Op has also been taken care of.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox:   Thanked everyone involved for the Veterans Day service.  Also wanted to Thank Randy and the crew for doing the city wide pick up.  Congratulations to the Triopia Football team for making it to the final 8 in state, congrats to Coach Thompson!

Behrends:   Stated that people are asking about the status of the chief.  Mayor Brunk responded that nothing has changed and he is hoping for a resolution soon.   Alderman Behrends also asked Randy if the city has enough salt for the winter, Randy confirmed that they do.

Wulf:  Thanked Randy and crew for their work on the clean up.   Trunk or treat was great.  Alderman Wulf asked the question of if a homeowner has a leak in their water meter, who’s responsibility is it to get it fixed.  Alderman Wulf also stated that he has been seeing Officer Kennedy out patrolling a lot more.

Bowman:  Stated that there are residents that live on the corner of Morgan St/Sylvan St that have voiced their concern about the cars that don’t stop at the stop sign and wanted to see if anything can be done about it.  Mayor Brunk said he will inform Officer Kennedy.

Anderson:  nothing to report at this time

French:   nothing to report at this time

Clerks Report:  nothing to report at this time

Mayor’s Report:   Mayor Brunk stated that he will address his comments in Executive Session.

Unfinished Business:

No unfinished business at this time


New Business:

Tax Levy Ordinance (First Reading)

The council reviewed the Tax Levy Ordinance.  Alderman Barrett stated the total amount of appropriations is $227,514.28.  The total is limited to a 5% increase, the budget drives the appropriations.  Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the first reading of the tax levy ordinance, Alderman Behrends seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.

Resolution Authorizing Agreement for Labor and Services with Arenzville Rural Water Coop

The council reviewed the Resolution Agreement.  Randy stated that is basically the same as last year, but they added $1 on for meter reading and $1 for billing but everything else is the same.  Alderman Wulf made the motion to approve the agreement, Alderman Anderson seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.

At 7:27pm Alderman Cox made a motion to adjourn into Executive Session and Alderman French seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

At 7:35pm the council returned back from Executive Session to Public Session.

At 7:42pm, Alderman Wulf made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Alderman Cox seconded.  Motion carries unanimously.


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Reg Brunk, Mayor                                                                               Ashley Cox, City Clerk