City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

August 11th, 2014 7:30 pm  

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Roll was called and Petefish, Bell, Carson, Clark, Behrends and Cox answered present.  The minutes of the July meeting were presented.  Bell moved and Clark seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Velten gave the monthly treasurer’s report with normal packet attached.  3 months into fiscal year nothing out of the ordinary.  There was some additional payroll due to vacation days and payout on Bev.  There were 7 months of video game receipts averaging about $800 a month, additional income has been set aside at this time.  Mr. Velten also gave the transfer of funds:  General Fund to Police Fund $5,000.00; General Fund to Police Fund $7,000.00; Water Fund to Sewer Fund $425.05.  Cox moved and Behrends seconded that the transfer be approved.  Motion carried unanimously.  The monthly bills were presented.  Clark moved and Petefish seconded that they be paid as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.

Guests:  Dustin Fritche Extension office hosting entrepreneur 5th – 8th grade camp every afternoon at the extension office.  Open to Cass County but as of now only Virginia kids enrolled.  There might be a repeat if more kids become interested in the camp.  Friends of Jim Edgar Panther Creek Group is going to have second meeting next week on Thursday looking for officers.  First meeting was last month and was informational where they officially named group and set tasks for those who were there.  Anyone interested in serving on group in welcome to attend.  Matt Werner was there with update on school project.  There will be a ribbon cutting on Thursday August 28th and extended invitation for tour at 1:15 to counsel as guests.  Tours will run through 7:30 in the evening.  PTO will have activities on football field for kids and there will be food available.  Ribbon cutting at 2pm and then tours after that for general public.  The Paper will run a special section on the school opening.  One of the final pieces to look at and speak with the Park board about is putting the playground on the park property instead of the site they had originally wanted to use.  There would need to be an official record to use ground in order to use grant funds.  The price difference is about $200,000 in using park ground versus the ground originally set aside for playground.  The Mayor had some questions on the liability for the playground.  The Mayor also addressed the crossing guard issue.  The city would like to pay for instead of providing city employee for crossing.  The School board will look into it and let the City know.  Mike Carson mentioned having high school kids do crossing, Matt said would make his nervous as some might not respond to kids as they don’t always listen to the adult crossing guards.  Carolyn Defenbaugh thanked Randy for putting rock in holes at City dump.  Janet Bell inquired about the park board president Chad Winters and where he currently lives.  The Mayor responded to question that he lives in Jacksonville and can be contacted at Cass Communications or by cell phone if needed.

Public Works (McClure):    Water tap to new house, Randy thanked Janet Bell in allowing them to use water until the tap could be finished.  Ran out of rivets and ordered more to finish street signs and stop sign will be put in after street signs.  Bought new mower old mower gear box went out.  Twice as wide as old one and covers more ground.  Patching and roadwork had been going on and trying to get some roadwork done before school starts on Job and College.

Police Chief (Osmer):    8 civil disturbances; 7 traffic arrests; 1 criminal arrest; and sent 1 letter out on abandoned vehicles.

Fire Chief (Reynolds): 1 country structure fire this month

Board Reports

            Zoning (Finn):    2 small permits one for deck one for carport; Sent out 3-4 yard letters; checked with Janette about wording on water bill to inform public to check about permits.

            Park:  (Cox):  Chad Winters called and not enough for quorum.  Not much going on at this time other than pool will be getting ready to close for the season.

            Library (Clark):  30 kids for summer reading program; a few vendors have come in for landscaping around library; Meeting next Tuesday

            Economic Development (Carson):  devoting time to housing.  Looking for areas to develop; New Business going in out on the Highway where Cass Communication has building, Home Health Care business.  August 1st begins lease but not date yet for ribbon cutting.  This is an existing business moving from Pana to Virginia and will train healthcare workers to work in homes.  Kevin Velten spoke about Tiff program.  Tiff will receive $43,000 (roughly) this year and the establishment of the Tiff district cost the city around $30,000 and the money is reimbursable back to the city from Tiff funds.  The recommendation from the Tiff committee is to pay the city back $3,000 a year for 10 years.  The initial payment back to the city would be $9,000 for first 3 years.

            Cemetery (Carson):   Meeting tomorrow at 7pm

            Attorney’s Report:  No report

Aldermanic Reports

            Cox:  Jim Miller called and thanked him for getting water hooked up.  Rick told Randy people do appreciate what he does.

            Behrends:  No report 

            Clark:  Library wanted to extend thanks to Randy for mowing.

            Carson:  She was approached about mobile carport in town and when the zoning board meeting is.  Mike Finn said the meeting would be next week on the 21st at 7pm.    

            Bell:  nothing to report

            Petefish:  nothing to report

            Clerk’s Report:  No report

            Mayor’s Comments:  Nothing to report

Unfinished Business:  2nd reading of Ordinance Variance Application Fee.  There were some changes made and fee should be $75 upfront fee and $175 fee if it passes.  Total is $250 so with the fees being $75 and $175 a motion was made by Carson and seconded by Petefish.  Motion carried unanimously.  Next was 2nd reading of building permit fees doubling if not obtained before construction begins.  Motion made by Clark and seconded by Behrends.  Motion carried unanimously.  Next was the 2nd reading of the Comprehensive city plan.  A motion was made by Carson and seconded by Clark.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business: No new business at this time to discuss  

With nothing further to discuss a motion was made by Cox and seconded by Behrends to enter executive session.  Motion carried unanimously.

Roll was called back into open session.  Petefish, Bell, Carson, Clark, Behrends and Cox were all present.

With nothing further to discuss motion was made by Cox and seconded by Carson to adjourn.  Motion carried unanimously.


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Steve Sudbrink, Mayor                                      Anne Plunkett, Clerk No report