City of Virginia

August 15, 2019


I. Call to Order

          Roll Call

II. Approval of Agenda

          Roll Call 

III. Minutes of Previous Meeting

          Roll Call

IV. Treasurer's Report

V. Approval of Monthly Bills

          Roll Call

VI. Guests:

VII. Monthly Reports

            A. Public works Director

            B. Police Chief

            C. Fire Chief

            D. Board Reports

                   1. Zoning Board

                   2. Library Board

                   3. Economic Development

                   4. Cemetery Board

                   5. Park Board

          E. Attorney's Report

          F. Aldermanic Report

          G. City Clerk's Report

          H. Mayor Comments

VIII. Unfinished Business

IX. New Business
          A. Crime Stoppers
          B. Ordinance Governing the Traffic at Illini and Cass Streets (First reading)
          C. Ordinance for a Petition to Annex certain Property West of County Shed Road (First reading)
          D. Ordinance for a Petition to Disconnect Certain Property East of County Shed Road
          E. Ordinance for Rezoning Property for Dollar General (First reading)
          F. Resolution on an Intergovernmental Agreement with Cass County and the Virginia Road District  
XI. Public Comment

XII. Adjourn