February 11, 2013

7:30 PM

I. Call to Order

Roll Call

II. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Roll Call

III. Treasurer’ s Report

IV. Transfer of Funds

Roll Call

VI. Approval of Monthly Bills

Roll Call

Guests: Angela Adams: Mahoment Aquifer Coalition

Monthly Reports:

A. Public Works Director

B. Police Chief

C. Fire Department

D. Board Reports:

  1. Zoning Board
  2. Park Board
  3. Library Board
  4. Economic Development Board
  5. Cemetery Board

E Attorney’s Report

F. Aldermanic Reports

G. City Clerk’s Report

H. Mayor’s Comments

Unfinished Business.



New Business.

A. North Morgan Water Contract

B. Approve 2013 City/Park Agreement

C. Approve 2013 City/Cemetery Agreement

D. Roll Call

X. Executive Session:

A. Roll call

B. Litigation

C. Contracts

XI. Adjourn