FEBRUARY 14th, 2022


I. Call to Order

  • Roll Call

II. Approval of Agenda

  • Roll Call

III. Minutes of Previous Meeting

  • Roll Call

IV. Treasurer’s Report

V. Approval of Monthly Bills

  • Roll Call

VI. Guests

VII. Monthly Reports

  • A. Police Chief
  • B. Fire Chief
  • C. Board reports
  1. Zoning Board
  2. Library Board
  3. Economic Development
  4. Cemetery Board
  5. Park Board
  6. TIF Board
  • D. Attorney’s Report
  • E. Mayor Comments
  • F. Aldermanic Reports
  • G. City Clerks Report

VIII. Unfinished Business

IX. New Business

A. Ordinance Adopting Planning Commission Recommendation to Re-Zone 431 S Front Street From R-1 to R-1 with Conditional Uses.

B. Approval of part time Police Officers


X. Public Comment

XI. Adjourn

The City of Virginia is an equal opportunity provider and employer.