City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Monday January 11th 2016 7:30 pm

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Roll was called Devlin, Anderson, Bowman, Clark, Behrends and Cox answered present. The minutes of the December meeting were presented. Alderman Cox moved and Alderman Clark seconded that the minutes be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly treasurer’s report was in the packet to the council. Treasurer Velten said that expenses are on track for the year. The audit is complete and he will have report on that at next month’s meeting. The video game revenue for the month of December was $2232.31 and the sales tax figures the month of December were$10,032.77 with a year to date total $74,139.58. There was 1 transfer of funds this month $5,000 from the General Fund to the Police Fund. Motion was made by Alderman Clark and seconded by Alderman Behrends to approve this transfer. Motion carried unanimously.Monthly bills were presented.Alderman Behrends made a motion and Alderman Bowman seconded that the bills be paid as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Guests: Kevin flannel stopped in to say hello and introduce himself to the new board members. Mr. Hamel helped with the water treatment plant. The students of the Month for Virginia Schools were as follows: Elementary Riley Carter; Kayla Budrick- Jr. High; High School Madison Koehne recognized for most caring students.

Public Works (McClure): 48 work orders and Julies this month, replaced some meters and dealt with the flooding waters in town during heavy rains this month. The limbs from the storm and those that Ameren have cut down will be picked up shortly.

Police Chief (Boris): 295 calls for service- 10 traffic citations; 1 criminal arrest and 1 ordinance violation.

Fire Chief (Reynolds): 2 carbon monoxide calls; False alarm on smoke detector; 1 Rescue call and a rollover on Conover Rd.

Board Reports

Zoning (Merriman): No report

Park: (Cox): No meeting, next meeting will be January 20th at 7pm

Library (Clark): No meeting next meeting will be February 19th

Economic Development (Anderson): No meeting

Cemetery (Behrends): Quarterly meeting will be next month

Attorney’s Report: No report

Aldermanic Reports

Cox: No report

Behrends: No report

Clark: Had home field energy calls at home- told those who called to send in card if they wanted to opt out of program. Need to schedule budget meeting before February with finance committee.

Bowman: No report

Anderson: Mr. Anderson was approached about dogs walking on the square and owners not picking up after them. Mr. Anderson was also approached by Mr. Bill Davis regarding his apartment complex and would like to have his 14 unit put back onto one meter. Mayor Sudbrink said this matter should be discussed first in the water and sewer committee.

Devlin: No report

Clerk’s Report: Had a call regarding the electric rates and wanted to make sure that council had checked other avenues.

Mayor’s Comments: On the Electric program if residents would like to opt out they can fill out and return a card sent to them in the mail. If they are okay with the rates they don’t have to do anything. There is still a savings on the new rates versus the Ameren rate. City has 12 acres more or less on 2 year cash rent contract. The contract is up for bids this year and will be accepted and reviewed at the next council meeting. The Water Works property has new owners and they would like to purchase ground from city so they have control of the lake, to make private. There were two options presented and discussion took place. Mr. Thomas the city attorney is looking into some questions regarding how to proceed.

Unfinished Business: None

New Business: Fowl Ordinance was up for the first reading this month. Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the ordinance and Alderman Clark seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

With nothing further to discuss at this time a motion was made by Alderman Clark and seconded by Alderman Bowman to adjourn into executive session at 8:09pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting was called back to order at 8:28 pm. Roll call was taken and Devlin, Anderson, Bowman, Clark, Behrends and Cox all answered present.

Discussed next on new business was the HSA funds for the employees this year. Motion was made by

Devlin to fully fund the $2,000 deductible again this year and seconded by Cox. Motion carried unanimously.

8:30 with nothing further to discuss motion was made by Clark and seconded by Bowman to adjourn.

Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Sudbrink, Mayor

Anne Plunkett, City Clerk