City of Virginia

July 11th , 2022

Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call:  Alderman Pratt, Bowman, Wulf, Knous and Cox all answered present.  Alderman Martin was not present

Agenda Approval: Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda and Alderman Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Approval:  Alderman Pratt made a motion to approve the minutes and Alderman Knous seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Alderman Martin joined the meeting.

Approval of Monthly Bills:   Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the monthly bills and Aldemran Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Barrett stated that we had the Audit.  Kayla was out that week but Amy stepped in and did a good job.  Will wait to hear what recommendations they have.  Video gaming was $6810.46 for the month and sales tax $14203.09.  Treasurer Barrett stated that they will continue working on annual reports to finish up once the audit is completed.


Guests: Carolyn Defenbaugh

Donnie Reynolds: made the comment that Jefferson St. is looking nice

Public Comment


Monthly Reports

Public Works no report

Police Chief no report

Fire Chief trailer fire, field fire, traffic control on a 3 car wreck, call for fire but turned out to be a controlled burn, called to school/alarm system detected greenhouse fans were not working.  Thanks to the city workers who weed eated twice by the firehouse.

Zoning Officer no report

Park Board Cox said the pool will close August 16 and school starts August 17th.  Pool has been busy, a lot interest in water aerobics.  Jr High baseball will start soon, first game is August 15th.  Just trying to keep up with the mowing.  Next meeting July 20th in park board office at 7pm. Martin stated she has been using the pool and it is great, the lifeguards are giving lots of lessons.  There is a big crowd.  The two girls in charge do a terrific charge.  Only complaint that there is grass on the pool deck where the concrete meets.

Library Board no report

Economic Development see attached sheet

Cemetery no report

Attorneys Report no report

TIF no new requests for TIF.  Mayor asks about the TIF for the alley work.  Barrett states from what Mr. Veith has said in the past, he thinks it qualifies for TIF.  We just need to do an application from the city.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox Cox asks if there could be a “slow children playing” sign on Broadway by the Methodist church? McClure states that can be done.  Cox also stated that he is getting complaints about potholes in the alley.  McClure responded that they are going to get the main roads done and then start behind the square and start working their way out.

Knous Knous asks to put a stop sign at corner of Pitt/Myrtle and Myrtle/Morgan.  There was a stop sign there but want to know if they can be reinstalled.

Wulf.  Wulf states big holes between Cass and Fifth St but you said they will be addressed after they finish Jefferson.  Wulf asks about TIF for bandstand.  Barrett thinks it can be done.

Bowman Bowman requests for rock on Packing House Rd.  McClure states he will tell the city workers.

Pratt Pratt asks if there is any more information on the Gridley Rd around the elevator project? Mayor states no.  Barrett states it will be a project that takes two years.

Martin Martin asks for mowing, can we take people to small claims court if people are violating ordinances?  Mayor states we probably could.  Martin thinks if we drag them to court, maybe they would get tired of it.  Mayor states we can not find the guy that owns some of the properties, but that before there has been liens put on properties.  Martin states that if we make it difficult enough, they will probably do something.  Mayor states that it was asked before and they said that it would cost more to go through the court system than the money that you get out of it.  Mayor states we can discuss with the lawyer and see what he says.

City Clerks Report

Nothing to report

Mayors Report

Mayor stated that he talked to Rupert Parrish about the bandstand.  He said it would take about $3500 to take the blocks out.  Mayor would like to see him go ahead and start on that.  Would also like to see volunteers help tear stuff down and put stuff back.  Martin asks how the floor is? Mayor states the floor is bad.  Mayor states it would be the floor, the steps, the ceiling but the roof is fine.  He would like to see it done before Xmas.  Pratt asks if we have to make that handicap accessible?  We have to ask county permission to put the stairs on the outside because it is on the lawn, but it is our property.  Martin asks about a ramp? Mayor states if you ramp it, it would be pretty tall and it would be too big. Martin asks the estimate for materials? Wulf states it is between $12500-$14100 and it includes labor.  Mayor states that is why he thought of volunteers to offset that cost. Jefferson St is finished, just need to put a coal patch on it.  Mayor stated that he talked to someone about fireworks, asked for a price of a firework show.  He asked the individual if he would consider next year getting together with some other guys and we could have fireworks at the fairgrounds and maybe get Connors up there and make a full day of it.  People could sell stuff at the park and maybe have rides.  We may have to get some permits from the state and have the insurance look at it.  Maybe we could get donations as well.  Martin stated maybe the masons wanted to have a cookout or something.  Martin asks about recycling bin? Mayor states that the front office will put on Virginia website/facebook and see if people would mind paying a fee with their water bill for recycling.  Mayor states the cardboard box will come back after the guys get the black patch done.


Unfinished Business

  1. Approve MFT Program

Had a bid letting, IRC came in with a bid of a little under $148000 and it will do streets that run east and west.  With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Pratt made a motion to approve the MFT program and Alderman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business


  1. Bandstand Repair

Discussed during Mayor’s comments.  Would like to go ahead and go with Ruppert Parrish to do some of the repairs and utilize the insurance payment.  Will review estimates to determine final cost of reconstruction.  With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Pratt made a motion to approve Ruppert Parrish to start working on the bandstand and Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Letter to the County Board to approve a Community Solar Garden

Mayor contacted the guy and asked if he would consider bringing the property to the city.  He said all his permits are with the county.  Maybe after he gets projects done, he can annex in.  The property is located on the west end of town.  Cox asks how many acres is it? Mayor states around 30 acres.  With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the letter to the county board to approve a Community Solar Garden and Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


At 749pm, Alderman Bowman made a motion to go into Executive Session and Alderman Pratt seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Council returned from Executive Session.

At 819pm, with nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to adjourn the council meeting and Alderman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.




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Randy McClure, Mayor                                                          Ashley Cox, City Clerk