City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

July 14th, 2014 7:30 pm 

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Roll was called and Petefish, Bell, Clark, Behrends and Cox answered present Carson was absent.  The minutes of the June meeting were presented.  Clark moved and Cox seconded that the minutes be approved as written.  Motion carried with all present voting Yes.  Mr. Velten gave the monthly treasurer’s report with normal packet attached.  He stated payroll was a little high this month due to Bev Saylor’s retirement and vacation days being used.  Mr. Velten also gave the transfer of funds:  Municipal Retail Tax to Police Fund $1400.00; Municipal Retail Tax to Garbage Fund $3,600.00; General Fund to Police Fund $7,000.00; Municipal Retail Tax to Police Fund $4,000.00; Cox moved and Behrends seconded that the transfer be approved.  Motion carried with all present voting Yes.  The monthly bills were presented.  Bell moved and Clark seconded that they be paid as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting Yes.

Guests:  Carolyn Defenbaugh was present and thanked Randy for filling potholes.  She inquired about flags at corner of Beardstown and East St.  The flags are for the new street signs that are being put up around town.  The road to the dump is in bad shape and needs to have some holes filled.

Public Works (McClure):  Removed trees 1 on Morgan and 1 on Beardstown St; Patching; Mowing; Putting up street signs and will be working on the signs on Springfield and Front St. next.

Police Chief (Osmer):  Handled 8 civil disturbance calls, 19 traffic arrests, 1 criminal arrest, 2 accidents and sent out 1 letter on abandoned vehicle and it has been removed.

Fire Chief (Reynolds):  Only call was CO2 director that malfunctioned

Board Reports

            Zoning (Finn):   5 permits: deck; fence; storage shed.  Couple of letters sent to residents for upkeep.  Mr. Finn said he received a letter in response to one of his letters from Gladys Miller and he is working with her on it.   He has been in contact with family of Arthur property and they will be getting cleaned up better and are interested in getting rid of the property.  Church adjacent to the residence might have some interest in property.

            Park:  (Cox) Chad Winters was there and spoke about an upcoming moving night August 1st at the park.  They will be showing the movie 42 and it is free to attend.  They have been doing some updates.

            Library (Clark):  Met the 17th of June, need dirt for landscaping.  Mr. Velten said they no longer need the dirt.  A tree needs to be trimmed by library.  They have received $1000 from Volunteer Virginia.  They meet tomorrow night 6pm.

            Economic Development (Carson):  Meeting is July 23rd

            Cemetery (Carson):  The Mayor and Mr. Velten have been working on agreement with Cemetery and will keep the board informed.

            Attorney’s Report:  No report

Aldermanic Reports

            Cox:  Thanks to Randy for filling potholes; had a couple of complaints, one from Bill Reynolds on potholes on road near his house; Steve Miller called and waiting for water.  Randy McClure said that he is waiting on Telephone Company to go under road but should be Monday or Tuesday.  Randy had set up alternate water source for him to use if he needed it.

            Behrends:  Nothing to report

            Clark:  Nothing to report


            Bell:  Nothing to report

            Petefish:  Nothing to report

            Clerk’s Report:  Nothing to report

            Mayor’s Comments:  The Mayor had one appointment to make this month.  Janet Bentley will be the new treasurer on the Cemetery board pending board approval.  Vote for Bentley was unanimous with all in attendance voting yes.  The Mayor had complaint on holes on French Dr.  Randy said they are not finished yet just received another load to finish filling holes.  Kevin Velten wanted to let the board know that Auditors will be here this week.  Janette has taken over Bev’s role and it seems to be going smoothly.  Video gaming voucher $674.41 this month.

Unfinished Business: 2nd reading of Stop sign ordinance on Myrtle and Job St.  Bell moved and Behrends seconded motion carried with all in attendance voting yes.

New Business:  First reading of variance ordinance fee.  This establishes a fee for zoning variance when someone asks for a variance from current codes.  Discussion on fee amount and when the fee would be paid continued.  $75 up front and $175 if it is approved; Total fee would have to be paid before variance is recorded.  The initial $75 fee would be non-refundable; rest of the fee would be within 24 hrs. or acceptance.  Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Clark with all in attendance voting yes with changes discussed.  Second item under new business is Ordinance doubling building permit fees.  This ordinance states that if a building permit is not issued before construction begins the fees will be doubled.  This will helps to hinder constructions without permit.  Motion was made by Cox and seconded by Clark motion carried with all in attendance voting yes.  1st reading of Comprehensive City Plan is next on the agenda.  Tiff district spot zoning was discussed and make sure there was no hindrance to home base businesses.  Home based businesses are not zoned B1 they are residential.  Plan wants to keep B1 businesses in Tiff district.  Discussion on whether Beardstown St. should be included in plan since it is not in Tiff district and mostly residential.  On Beardstown St. there could be traffic issues.  2nd reading will be next month Motion was made by Clark and seconded by Behrends motion carried unanimously with all in attendance voting yes.

With nothing else to discuss a motion was made by Cox and seconded by Behrends motion carried unanimously.

Meeting called back to order from executive session.  Petefish, Bell, Clark, Behrends, and Cox were present Carson was absent.  With nothing further to discuss motion was made by Bell and seconded by Clark motion carried unanimously with all in attendance voting yes.


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Steve Sudbrink, Mayor                                      Anne Plunkett, Clerk