City of Virginia
June 10th, 2019
Regular Meeting Minutes
Treasurer’s Report
Mayor Brunk opened the regular meeting at 7:01pm. Roll was called French, Pratt, Bowman, Wulf, and
Cox all answered present. Alderman Behrends was not present. The minutes of the May meeting were
presented. Alderman Pratt made a motion that the meeting minutes be approved and Alderman
Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously. This month’s meeting agenda was presented,
Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda and Alderman French seconded. Motion carried
unanimously. The monthly bills were presented, Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly
bills and Alderman French seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly treasurer’s report was
in the council’s monthly packet, the council reviewed. Treasurer Barrett stated that they got the issues
resolved with the transfers, ended the year a lot better than we thought. There was a $104671.68 in
savings from EPA debt relief and a surplus in the TIF helped as well. There isn’t much happening right
now with the budget. For the month of May there was $10652.36 in sales tax and $4416.14 in video
gaming revenue. They are still working on grant for police car, they asked for a few more things.
Treasurer Barrett met with Bobby Hardwick to discuss EPA ordinance amendment and water purchase
contracts. He would like to have this done before October when next payment is due. VRWS will have
to sign it, then to council, and then publication into the newspaper. Sent some info to attorney on
reciprocal information for getting info through a portal.
Guests: Carolyn Defenbaugh, Mike Finn, David Petefish
Public Comment:
No public comment
Monthly Reports
Public Works (McClure): working at the pool and had to put in a new water line around the slide, there was water standing so had to repair there. The crew has been doing a lot of mowing and weed eating. The sinkhole on Morgan St got fixed. There were a few cracks that had to be repaired. The rain is
putting pressure on pipes, 48 inch tank in road about 6 ft deep, pumped on it, got 3 pipes coming into it
and nothing coming out and can’t get it to stop coming in, may have to lay another pipe to relieve the
water out of that tank. Got 4 quotes from dealers for tractors, Holland, John Deere, Beard Implement,
Henrys Service center. Mt Sterling Holland came in the lowest. Will have loader put on it as well. The
old tractor is shot and it is unsafe. We have a 4020 in shed, been sitting there for 15 years but could see
if maybe we can get that running and maybe sell it and put that money towards new tractor. John
Deere $37638.00, Beard $42400.00, Henrys $28099.00 (smaller version than the others), and Holland
$29900.00. These quotes include the loader. David Petefish says if used in winter time, cab could be
helpful. If you plan to sell it down the line, green is better but looks like you will be keeping it for a long
time. Barrett states we can look at it to see if we have money that we can use for it, maybe in CDs.
French stated we can research now before we set the meeting. McClure didn’t pursue the used because
bought used before and it didn’t work out. McClure thank John Ratliff and the boys for getting the
square ready for the bbq before and after.
French is for the tractor but want to make sure that we can afford it. Barrett states Jeanette and I will
research. Wulf states there is warranty with new tractors and in favor of that.
Police Chief (Kennedy): 174 calls, 75 service, ordinance violations, still getting cannabis citations, 57
traffic, 6 arrests, county assis 9 times. Minor accident. Helped randy clean up from the storm, cleaned
up the streets to make sure that they were passable. BBQ went well, minor problems, nothing big.
Fire Chief: 3 traffic accidents, 1 rollover, 2 semis. 750 donations from Jamie Behrends from County
Companies Insurance
Board Reports
Zoning: nothing to report at this time
Park: no meeting last month. Wind damage up at the park, roof damage, chairs damaged had to drain
the pool to get them out, thank Bryce for keeping an eye out on the park. Park Director, John Gebhardt
was BBQ Marshall. June 19th park board office is the next meeting.
Library: nothing to report at this time
Economic Development: nothing to report at this time
Cemetery: Memorial Day went well
Attorney’s Report: Growmark has not signed water purchase contract yet but that could be because
attorney is out of the office. Worked on the easement and that’s coming. Worked on another
easement with Randy before that, all progressing, no issues. Ordinance court: 1 respondent paid fine
$1145 in two payments. Tonight is the 2nd reading of the Cass/Illini 4 way stop. The ordinance approving TIF app for Growmark has emergency clause to be passed in one reading with 2/3 vote.
Aldermanic Reports
Cox: Alderman Cox asked what the status is on the Catholic Hall parking lot? McClure has drawings,
thinks the church is trying to get funds. We have drawings for the storm sewer, need to find out where
the money is going to come from for that. Once finish with the water line for Growmark, will get
started. Alderman Cox also asked about the cop car. Treasurer Barrett responded that we are still
waiting on USDA, they are wanting additional information and it has been difficult to obtain. Our
software is not designed for municipalities. There are 4 things that they need, not sure how long after
they receive that to hear if approved or not. Mayor states that once she has her stuff done then send
to Springfield then decision is made. Treasurer Barrett stated it could take a few months.
Behrends: not present
Wulf: Thank city for the quick action on picking up after the storms, helped pick up the courtyard. BBQ
set up and clean up, guys did great job. Potholes are still an issue.
Bowman: Behrends wanted to add a few properties on the ordinance violation lists: Beddingfield and
Henson. Mayor stated that Attorney and Chief and him have already talked about it. One of the
buildings on the square’s roof ended up on the courthouse yard after the storm, is the owner going to
be fixing that? The City doesn’t have a phone number, we sent a letter but no response. Barrett talked
to Dan Moffitt about bricks falling off, emailed a tif app, going to talk to city hall about getting old bricks
to restore it. Alderman Bowman also asked about the street that was baracaded. The response was
there was a whole in it, a wash out. McClure not sure what we are going to do with it but we are
waiting for water to quit running through the creek so he can see what is going on.
Pratt: nothing to report at this time
French: asked for clarification on new business “Ordinance TIF App”
Clerk: nothing to report at this time
Mayor: We received a gift/grant from Cass EMTs’, donating 1 AED heart start machine to city and 7 first responder kits. All will be at the park but not sure exactly where. Thanked that committee for thinking of us. Thanked Mike Reynolds and his crew, everyone that helped with the BBQ, it went really smooth, that is a lot of work to do and we thank everyone who donated their time and efforts. Mayor stated he will have committee assignments done this week.
French stated the road sign/speed monitoring equipment looks great, its bright and people see it.
Mayor Brunk said he was supposed to have a report tonight but they are still trying to figure out the
mechanics of the report. Mayor Brunk thanks the county for the use of that.
Unfinished Business
Ordinance Governing Traffic at the intersection of Cass/Illini St. (2nd reading)
Wulf said he went through and looked at it from 4 different directions. He also stated that we need to
update the stop signs, they are faded and one is lower than the other one. French said that one of them
was involved in an accident and got hit. Randy said have new stop signs and children playing signs
bought already. We will get it all done. Wulf thinks should do that first before we do the 4 way. Mayor
feels the same way as improving signs and putting new signs up first before we do intersection. French
said everyone that lives on that street are all in favor. Cox said he hasn’t heard someone complaining it.
French states the people in my ward on my street want a 4-way stop, maybe others don’t want it other
places, but on my block there are people that want it. French states the citizens around it wants it, its
simple and small decision. Wulf asked how many people run the stop sign by Matt Mays? French asked
how many wrecks there? None that anyone could recall. Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the
ordinance governing traffic at the intersection of Cass/Illini, Alderman French seconded. Alderman Cox,
French, and Bowman voted yes. Alderman Wulf and Alderman Pratt both voted no. Mayor recused
himself from casting a vote. The motion does not pass.
New Business
Ordinance approving TIF Application for the Growmark water line (Emergency Clause)
Council reviewed, Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the ordinance approving the TIF
Application for the Growmark water line, Alderman Bowman seconded. Alderman Wulf, Bowman, and
Pratt all voted yes. Alderman Cox and French voted no. Mayor voted in favor, but motion was unable to
pass without 2/3 vote.
At 7:43pm Alderman Wulf makes a motion to go into executive session, Alderman Bowman seconded.
Motion carried unanimously.
At 8:06pm, the council returned back into public session, the Mayor stated there will be a finance
committee meeting next week. With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Wulf made a motion to
adjourn the meeting and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
_____________________________             _____________________________
Reg Brunk, Mayor                                            Ashley Cox, City Clerk