City of Virginia

June 13th , 2022

Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call:  Bowman, Wulf, Knous, Cox all answered present.  Martin and Pratt were absent.

Agenda Approval:  Cox made a motion to approve the agenda, Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously

Minutes Approval:  Wulf made a motion to approve the agenda, Knous seconded.  Motion carried unanimously

Approval of Monthly Bills:  Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly bills, Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Barrett stated that Kayla did a great job putting the budget in this year.  He also stated that the city audit will start the week of June 27th and will be the same company as last year.  It will take about four days.  Sales tax for the month was $11862.65, which is a little above last year at this time. Video gaming for the month was $7766.68, which is almost $3000 higher than last year at this time.

Public Comment

Paula Matthews, Anthony Moore, Mike Finn, Carolyn Defenbaugh

Paula Matthews (AFLAC):

AFLAC now offers vision and dental.  It was just voted #1 by Forbes Magazine.  There are additional perks to our plans that other plans do not have.  Matthews handed out flyers to the council.  This could also help with retention of employees.  Some businesses that have implemented these plans have been really happy with the benefits and service.  There are different payment amounts employer paid vs. voluntary.  Alderman Wulf asked about the cost of the premium.  Matthews stated that AFLAC has both PPO and MAC plans.  If the premiums are paid by the employer, it will be cheaper than if the voluntary plan is elected.  Currently, the employees that have AFLAC through the city, they pay for their own benefits.  Matthews also stated that she spoke to Mayor in regards to medical insurance.

Anthony Moore (Republic Services):

Moore wanted to discuss with the council a municipal contract with trash services.  There are benefits that are included in that. Residential Increases year over year are protected by the municipal contract.  We would be the only service that would offer trash service if you entered into a municipal contract.  We also offer roll offs for city wide clean ups.  Moore just wanted to open the conversation and answer any questions.  Alderman Cox asks what the cost is.  Moore stated if it is trash only probably about $15.  Adding recycling to the service would be $20 total if it is door to door.  Or we can do a community recycling bin and that would be cheaper. Moore stated that everything in a contract will be less expensive because we know exactly how much we are taking on.  They know how many homes they will be picking up and how much they would need to pay the drivers and fuel.  Trash would be $13-$15.  Alderman Wulf asks if that would tie everyone who has a water bill to your company and they wouldn’t have options? Moore states yes, and I can give you references to other communities who have done this and how they are liking it.  Mayor asks if we can do the billing on the water bills.  Moore states yes.  Mayor asks in regards to recycling.  Moore states that most of the time people do bring trash in a bag.  We do sort all of the recycling though.  Republic is the leader of recycling in the waste field.   Mayor states that might be a good deal for the homeowners.  Moore suggest to look at other options too and get bids for that.


Monthly Reports

Public Works no report

Police Chief no report

Fire Chief false alarm on Stowe, North of town thought it was natural gas, helped the city wash the streets

Zoning Officer no report

Park Board Alderman Cox stated the pool opened today.  The pool looks really good.  They will have night swims to start with at an additional charge.  People have complained before that it is not open at night, but that requires people to come so that they can afford the employees.  The lights of the diamond have been paid for after a generous donation from Petefish and Skiles Bank.  Glen Goodin will be installing.  The bleacher covers are in and they look great.  The bleachers on the west side of the big diamond were damaged.  Gibby is going to have someone come work on it to fix it.  There have been a lot of games lately.  Alderman Cox states that he thinks the park looks the best it has ever looked now and it has been open.  Next meeting is Wednesday at the park board office.  Treasurer Barrett stated that we do have a lot of people comment good things about our park.  They are also going to be working on a fall fun festival.

Library Boardno report

Economic Developmentno report

Cemeteryno report

Attorneys ReportAttorneyVeith states we have the 2nd reading authorizing the expenditure of TIF funds for road repairs on Gridley and County Shed Rd.  New business has the letter to the county board to approve the community solar garden.  The Mayor and I spoke and if someone can table this so we can do further investigation I would appreciate it.

TIFno requests


Aldermanic Reports

Cox Cemetery looked good on Memorial Day.  The double wide is gone now on Job St.  A lot of people wanting to know about the recycling bins.  Mayor states we are going to work on the door on one of them and repaint it.  When we get this job done, we will set them behind the shed (the old Abstract building).

Knous We have the new squad car now with the new lights and radio.  Thanks to Bowman for putting the radio in it.  Bowman thanked Knous for putting the lights in it.  It saved the city about $10000 by doing that.

Wulf Thank BBQ Committee and all the volunteers.  It was a really nice weekend.  Thanked the sheriff dept for the extra coverage they gave us that weekend.

Bowman Thank everyone who helped with the BBQ

Pratt not present

Martin not present

City Clerks Report

Nothing to report

Mayors Report

Mayor McClure thanked the BBQ committee for their work with the BBQ and also thanked the fire dept for cleaning the streets.  There is a new project happening Adams to Jefferson with new water/sewer.  After that will do the alleyways.  There will be abid letting on June 23rd at 10am.


Unfinished Business

  1. 2nd Reading of AN Ordinance Authorizing the Expenditure of TIF Funds for Road Repairs on Gridley and County Shed Roads

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of an ordinance authorizing the expenditure of TIF funds for road repairs on Gridley and County Shed Rd, Alderman Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

New Business

  1. Appointment of Park Board recommendations of Josh Ayres

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the appointment of Josh Ayres to the Park Board, Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Mayor McClure also added that he changed some of the chairman of the city boards.  The changes are as follows:

Water/Sewer Chairman: David Pratt

Ordinance Chairman: Janet Martin

  1. Letter to the County Board to approve a Community Solar Garden

Alderman Cox asks what is a solar garden.  Mayor states that it is a bunch of solar panels in the field west of town.  We have 1.5 miles outside of town that we have jurisdiction.  The field belongs to Jim and Carolyn Deppe.  It is the big field out on Beardstown St.  Cox asks if we benefit from that? Veith states that is a hard question to answer.  Someone authorized the city to encompass that land in their zoning district.  There are some issues and the Mayor would like to table it.  Mayor states he would like to table it because we haven’t reviewed it as much as I would like.  We need to have a special meeting for the MFT expenditures and would like to include this in the special meeting.  Barrett states he doesn’t know what it would hurt out there. Cox asks if it would help us tax wise.  Barrett states it would help the county.



With nothing further to discuss, at 735pm, Alderman Knous made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Alderman Cox seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.



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Randy McClure, Mayor                                                                               Ashley Cox, City Clerk