City of Virginia

May 13th, 2019

Regular Meeting Minutes


Mayor Brunk called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. Roll was called. Alderman French, Anderson
Bowman, Wulf, Behrends, and Cox all were present. Alderman Cox made a motion to approve last
months agenda and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The minutes of the
April meeting were presented. Alderman French made a motion to approve the minutes and Alderman
Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly bills were presented to the council.
Alderman French asked the question regarding Aramark and if the city is going to let that contract ride
out and then cancel. Jeanette Lacy stated it either ends 2020 or 2021. So, after that we will cancel
services but nothing can be done until contract runs out. Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the
monthly bills and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Barrett stated that they are currently working through issues with transfers, report more on
the end of the fiscal year at next meeting. We received debt retirement payments, right now it appears
the city is at a loss but we have outstanding transfer that will change that number. Jeff Little is helping
and will reach out to auditor soon for assistance as well. The monthly sales tax figures for the month of
April were $11990.32 and the video gaming revenue for April was $2838.14. We are still in process of
finishing EPA paperwork, it will probably take a few more months and hopefully in August it will be
resolved. The information has been sent over to Pat Whalen at the USDA Office for the grant on the
police car. Alderman Wulf asked what the time frame is on that and Treasurer Barrett stated that we
don’t know. Alderman Wulf stated that we have a car waiting for us we just need to get the grant
money to get it, Treasurer Barrett stated that he will email and follow up.
Students of the Month
Elementary: Kylie Rich: leadership
Guests: Casey French, Jennifer French, Carolyn Defenbaugh, Jim Page
Casey French
Mr. French stated he was attending the meeting in support of putting a 4 way stop sign at Cass St/Illini
St. Mr. French stated as a resident on Cass St, there are over 40 children in the area under the age of
18. People travel way too fast on this road and there have been a few accidents. Mr. French
recommends that the city implement a 4 way stop at this intersection as there are a lot of kids around
and people walking and he feels that it would make the community safer.
Monthly Reports
Public Works(McClure): McClure stated that the city crew was trying to keep ahead of the floods, they
have been mowing but the big tractor is currently broke down so the grass is a little tall because of that.
We will need to figure out what is wrong with the tractor as it is used to mow waterworks, park, sewer
plant, etc. There is a possibility we may need to look into replacing it. McClure also stated that they will
be starting on the issue on Morgan/Springfield St. soon. This will most likely result in closing that road
while the crew is working on repairs. Alderman French stated that the prairie was looking good and that
the crew has done a good job on it.
Police Chief (Kennedy):
178 calls, 131 service, 49 traffic, wrote 11 city ordinance citations for
cannabis/drug paraphernalia, 4 arrests, minor car accident, assisted fire dept with a few fires and at car
accidents. Officer Marty Fanning has graduated, he will be working nights on his own soon. Chief
Kennedy stated that he is doing a good job. Attorney Veith and Chief Kennedy will need to go over
these citations.
Fire Chief:
car fire at Sunrise, structure fire, rollover at 125/Shiloh, vehicle fire at Caseys, car fire at fast
stop, rollover 125/Shiloh, call to assist sandbagging in Chandlerville, training on bus accident in Ashland
Board Reports
Zoning: nothing to report at this time
Park: There was no meeting last month, Gibby said been busy mowing, inmates cleaning the pool now
to get ready for open, bathhouse mens and womens need a lot of repairs. Barrett says need to get it
done now, its needed it for a while. Meeting this Wednesday at the Park. May 15th. Pool scheduled to
be open on Memorial Day.
Library: nothing to report at this time
Economic Development: nothing to report at this time
Cemetery: not met this quarter yet, Mayor stated cemetery looking really nice for Memorial Day.
Attorney’s Report: New Business states we will have the ordinance governing traffic at Cass and Illini St, this means the stop sign on Illini. Municipal Utilities: adopting the water purchase contract with Growmark. Pending Litigation: will discuss later in the meeting.
Aldermanic Reports
Cox: streets being closed people are complaining, thanked Randy and the crew on getting the brush
picked up. Ask permission to purchase a Santa Suit, council approves
Behrends: properties with grass too tall, make sure staying within the ordinance. A lot of cars parked
that are not tagged, either need to get tags or need to start sending letters out. Was going to ask about
the sinkhole but already addressed.
Wulf: asked if there was still a monthly brush pick up and the answer was no but the dump is open if
citizens need to get the key. Also asked why we don’t have spring cleanup anymore, know it was a cost
issue before but a lot of citizens are requesting Spring and Fall and think we need to reapproach it.
Bowman: asked if there was something different with the water in the morning than the evening?
People are saying the taste of chlorine. McClure stated it could be because the pump is kicking on.
McClure also stated that they are running the chlorine a little higher because EPA raised the levels.
Anderson: Given an outline to Alderman Behrends on grants available, Jacksonville had one for
municipalities to upgrade their business districts, might want to look into that.
French: asked what process to get a new pole light in an area that there isn’t one? McClure stated to
bring a formal request to the board. Mayor Brunk stated that he got a letter in regards to that subject
so it might be the same person. McClure stated they usually have them at each intersection, if they are
too far apart, we will put another in. Alderman French also asked about properties that are abandoned
and what we do as far as the mowing on the property. French asked if we bill the banks that have been
if we do the maintenance? Mayor Brunk responded that he will contact the land owners and give them
options as to how to take care of it.
Clerk: nothing to report at this time
Mayor: Marty and Cindy Miller donated their time to frame the picture in the hall, thank you for that.
We have 3 other pictures that we will get frames for as well, they were taken by a drone over the city,
they are very neat. Mayor Brunk would like to remind the citizens that got confused when we had the
city pick up that that was for lawn material (leaves, sticks, etc) not chairs or household items. Will save
other comments for later in the evening. In regards to burning, will address this at a later time.
Unfinished Business
FY 19/20 Appropriation Ordinance (2nd reading)
Treasurer Barrett stated if there are any questions, he would be happy to answer.
With no further discussion, Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the FY 19/20 Appropriation
Ordinance and Alderman Cox seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
At 734pm Alderman Wulf made a motion to adjourn Sine Die, Alderman Cox seconded. Motion carried
At 737pm roll was called. Alderman French, Bowman, Wulf, Behrends, and Cox all answered present.
New Business
Swear in of Appointed Offices
Ward 1: Brad Bowman
Ward 2: David Pratt
Ward 3: Jason French
City Attorney: Tom Veith
Public Works Director: Randy McClure
Police Chief: Bryce Kennedy
Prevailing Wage Rates
Veith: usually you have a written ordinance. If we are approving
Appointed Ashley French to the Park Board
Ordinance Governing Traffic at the Intersection of Cass and Illini St
Mayor asks for council comment in regards to this. Alderman Wulf asked if the Chief if there have been
many written citations in this area. Chief Kennedy said no. Alderman Cox said we could put one at
Illini/Stowe. Treasurer Barrett stated that there are kids everywhere in that area and they are always on
their bikes. Chief Kennedy stated that people know when he works and he drives around town when he
is on duty but there are several places to try and watch. Right now, officers have focused on South Main
because people are flying down there. Chief Kennedy also stated that the nights aren’t that busy when
he is working. Alderman French stated that he thinks that this could help the area because if there is a 4
way stop at that intersection it will cause traffic to be slower. Chief Kennedy states that he understands
the need for it and most of the time he doesn’t catch people flying around there at night. Most of the
time on people are speeding down Main St. and that is where the officers catch the majority of people
violating the speed limit. Alderman Pratt suggested to put up a sign that said “Slow: Children Playing” or
caution or something. Chief Kennedy stated that people don’t care about the stop sign if they are
speeding, just like school zones, we have flashing lights and people still say they didn’t see them. But
Officer Kennedy thinks that the signs are still a good diea. Alderman Wulf mentioned to maybe look into
solar powered LED lights. Casey French spoke and said it would depend n which way you are coming
from. Treasurer Barrett says it’s a long stretch without a stop sign down Illini St. and people do speed
down the street. Alderman French stated there are a lot of walkers that use that intersection its not just
children but elderly as well, it is a very well-traveled street both in a car and on foot. Donnie Reynolds
suggest that the county has a portable speed limit sign, maybe putting it there would help people to
slow down. Alderman Bowman said if you have a lot of kids walking to school, there is no crosswalk
there as well. Alderman Pratt stated that he thought the concern was more so for kids playing around
there after school. Alderman French is in favor of the intersection, there has been 2 accidents there in
the last year and half. Alderman French also stated he talked with individuals that live on that street
also, they agree it is both during the day and at night. Citizens can hear cars speeding down the street
when they have their windows open. Alderman Behrends stated that he thought it would be beneficial
to have a four way stop there. Casey French stated that it is only going to get busier as the kids get older
and they start walking to school or ride their bikes to school. Alderman Behrends made a motion to
approve 1st reading and Alderman Cox seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
At 757pm, Alderman Cox made a motion to go into executive session to discuss operation of municipal
utilities and pending litigation and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
At 8:48pm, the council returned back into public session, with nothing further to discuss, Alderman Wulf made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Alderman Cox seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
_____________________________ _____________________________
Reg Brunk, Mayor                                              Ashley Cox, City Clerk