MAY 9, 2016 7:30pm

( Public Hearing Regarding Annexation )

I. Call To Order

Roll call

II. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Roll Call

III. Treasurer’s Report

IV. Transfer of Funds

Roll Call

V. Approval of Monthly Bills

Roll Call

VI. Guests:

VII. Monthly Reports:

A. Public Works Director

B. Police Chief

C. Fire Dept.

D. Board Reports

1. Zoning Board

2. Park Board

3. Library Board

4. Economic Development

5. Cemetery Board

E. Attorney’s Report

F. Aldermanic Report

G. City Clerk’s Report

H. Mayor’s Comments

VIII. Unfinished Business:

A. 2nd Reading of Appropriations Ordinance

B. City/Cemetery Agreement 2016/2017

C. Park Budget FY 2016/2017

IX. Adjourn Sine Die

Swear in Treasurer (Luke Thomas – City Attorney)

X. New Business:

A. Altorfer Maintenance Agreement

B. Annexation Ordinance

C. Water Meter Replacement Fee Ordinance (1st)

D. Ordinance Authorizing City to Borrow Money From PS & Co. (1st)

E. City/School Intergovernmental Agreement (parking lot)

F. Homefield Energy Contracts

XI. Adjorn

The City of Virginia is an equal opportunity provider and employer.