City of Virginia

Minutes of Special Meeting

Monday May 9th, 2016 6:00 pm

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the special meeting at 6:00 p.m. Roll was called Devlin, Anderson, Clark, and Cox answered present. Bowman and Behrends were absent. Also present Mayor Steve Sudbrink, Public Works Director Randy McClure, Treasurer Kevin Velten and City Clerk Anne Plunkett

A special meeting was held regarding the Water meter replacement. Gladys Rust, Tommy Wallis and Chris Barrett were in attendance.

The mayor started the meeting by saying that he had all positive comments regarding the replacement of meters. The city has replaced some meters but not all of them over the past years. Alderman Cox said he would be okay with a $3.00 fee but not the $5.00 fee. Steve Anderson was also in favor of the $3.00 but not the $5.00 fee. H. Devlin could support either the $3 or $5 fee but would like the support of the whole board. He would also like a sunset date in ordnance which spells out the date the fee will be removed from the bills. Chris Behrends entered at 6:15 pm. There was discussion regarding the savings on interest between the $3 and $5 fee when repaid. There are approximately 800 meters that would be replaced in the city. Steve Clark was in favor of the $5.00 fee since it would be paid off quicker and less interest paid on the loan.

Gladys Rust spoke in opposition of the water meter fee. Tom Wallis was also there and spoke in opposition of the fee; he would rather see a rate Increase to cover the cost of the meters.

Randy McClure spoke in favor of the meter fee and said he had spoken to others who replaced meters and showed an increase in revenue and would also save the employees time reading the meters and having to estimate wouldn’t be an Issue anymore. Brad Bowman entered at 6:30 Chris Behrends and Brad Bowman also spoke in favor of the meter fee.

A poll was taken regarding 21 $5 rate increase on billings. Devlin, 130wman, Clark and Behrends were in favor of the $5.00 increase while Cox and Anderson were opposed. A second poll was taken regarding a rate increase and all were in in favor of the $3.00 rate increase.

With nothing further to discuss at this time a motion was made by Alderman Clark to adjourn and seconded by Alderman Behrends. Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Sudbrink, Mayor

Anne Plunkett, City Clerk