City of Virginia 

Minutes of Regular Meeting 

Monday November 13th , 2017 

Mayor Brunk opened the regular meeting at 7:33pm.  Roll was called French, Anderson, Bowman, Wulf, and Cox answered present.  Alderman Behrends was not present.  The minutes of the October meeting were presented.  Mayor Brunk stated the word ticket needs to be replaced with statement in the October minutes.  Alderman Cox made a motion that the meeting minutes be approved and Alderman Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  The monthly treasurer’s report was in the council’s monthly packet, the council reviewed.  The video gaming revenue for the month of October was $2552.25.  The sales tax figures for the month of October were $10640.21.  Treasurer Barrett stated that the auditor was here and he commented that we are showing improvement.   The budget is on target.  Mayor Brunk had asked if there was a way that we could get a bookkeeping report to see the comparisons between 2016 and 2017.  Treasurer Barrett stated that they changed bookkeeping systems last year, but would be able to do comparisons going forward for 2017 and 2018.  

There was no transfer of funds this month.  Monthly bills were presented.  Alderman Wulf made a motion and Alderman Bowman seconded that the bills be paid as presented.  Motion carried unanimously. 

Guests: Steve Clark, Stephanie Andrews, Kent Andrews, Becky Behrends, Caroline Boris , Deb Otwell, Carolyn Defenbaugh, Steve Helmich 

Student of the Month: 

Lindy Parlier:  elementary student recognized for being responsible  

Matt Knous: junior high student recognized for being respectful 

Ben Krause:  high school student recognized for being respectful 

Public Comment:  

Becky Behrends:  Thanked Chief Boris for his service 

Donnie Reynolds:  Requested the city to address the pedestrian crosswalk issues.  Mr. Reynolds stated that he thought that people were supposed to stop for pedestrians but has witnessed that this is not happening.  Something needs to be done.  

Deb Otwell:  Ms. Otwell stated that people have been in her lot and that there is no alley there.  Ms. Otwell would like copies of the paperwork that states property lines.   

Public Works (McClure):  Fall clean up is complete.  Working on a meter program and will soon be working on getting Christmas lights up.  On October 31 there was a 6 inch main break. 

Police Chief :  160 service calls, 1 arrest for attempted murder, mob action, and aggravated battery,  1 arrest for mob action and aggravated battery and 1 arrest for resisting an officer, disorderly conduct, and aggravated battery towards an officer and EMT.  

Fire Chief (Reynolds):  4 calls- 1 carbon monoxide, 1 vehicle rollover in Chandlerville, 1 vehicle rollover south of town, and a smoke detector went off at the Health Dept.  The new spreader has also arrived.    

Board Reports

Zoning (Merriman):  nothing to report at this time 

Park (Cox):  the park is closed for the winter, $710 was made at Log Cabin Days, the high dive at the pool will be removed and replaced, there will be astroturf put down in the new batting cage.  No meeting until Jan 2018 

Library: Steve Clark was present and stated that they are still having budgeting issues.  The Memorial Fund is not being tracked like it should.  

Economic Development (Anderson):  nothing to report at this time 

Cemetery (Behrends):  nothing to report at this time 

Attorney’s Report:  the property maintenance case- owner has stated that he will pay the remaining balance that he owes the city with his tax refund.   Status court scheduled for Dec 8th 

Aldermanic Reports 

Cox:  Thanked the Chief for his service and wishes him well 


Wulf:  In regards to the pedestrian crosswalk on the square, Alderman Wulf has done some research on LED lighting with solar packs.  There may be some funding available in the school crossing area, would like to discuss in December meeting.  

Bowman:  presented Chief Boris a badge, ID, and plaque and thanked him for his service.  

Anderson:  suggested that the fall clean up in the future not be so close to Halloween.  

French:   nothing to report at this time 

Clerks Report:  nothing to report at this time 

Mayor’s Report:  Mayor Brunk stated that he had a copy of the Jacksonville Fire and Burning Ordinance and will distribute to the council for review.   He also stated that a resident mentioned to him about proposing a “no burn” policy in Virginia.   

Unfinished Business:  No unfinished business at this time.  

New Business:

                 1.Henegan and Associates:  

 Company that works on water, lines.  They have requested a contract to be put in place which is basically serving like a retainer in case they are needed for services.  Alderman Cox asked if this would mean that we would have to pay them monthly or just pay them as we need them.  McClure stated it would just be paying them as we need them.   

 Alderman Anderson made a motion to approve the contract with Henegan and Associates.  Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.   

                 2. Tax Levy (1st reading) 

Councilman to review Tax Levy Ordinance.  There was a 4.85% increase: 2016- $234,654, 2017- $246,045.  Attorney has reviewed the proposed and will have a meeting with the County to ensure everything.  

With nothing further to discuss at this time in open session a motion was made by Alderman French to adjourn at 7:58pm and seconded by Alderman Anderson.  Motion carried unanimously. 


_____________________                                                                                          ______________________ 

Reg Brunk, Mayor                                                                                                           Ashley Cox, City Clerk