City of Virginia

Minutes of Public Meeting Squad Car/Rural Development

October 12th , 2015 7:30 pm

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened public meeting at 7:30pm Those in attendance were H. Devlin, Steve Anderson, Brad Bowman, Mayor Steve Sudbrink, Chris Behrends, Steve Clark, Rick Cox, Police Chief Ron Boris, Public Works Director Randy McClure, City Clerk Anne Plunkett, City Attorney Luke Thomas, Leigh Morris-Newspaper, and Jeannette Lacy, Diane Dambacher, Dustin Fritche, Amy Fritche. The meeting was held for pros and cons on purchasing a new square car through Rural Development. There were no comments on this matter. With nothing further to discuss on this the Mayor closed public hearing at 7:32 and continued on into the Regular monthly meeting at 7:32 pm with Roll call.

Steve Sudbrink, Mayor

Anne Plunkett, City Clerk