City of Virginia

September 12th , 2022

Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call:  Martin, Bowman, Wulf, Knous, and Cox all answered present.  Pratt marked absent

Agenda Approval:  Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda and Alderman Bowman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Approval:  Alderwoman Martin stated that the word mixed needed to be changed to missed in the minutes.  Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the minutes and Alderman Knous seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Monthly Bills: Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly bills and Alderwoman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Barrett stated that he reached out to the auditor and the draft will come in November.  They will file extensions for us. Treasurer Barrett also added that the  1st reading of tax levy next month.  He stated we are in good shape as far as budget goes.

Sales tax $17761.88

Video gaming $5493.42

Public Comment

Mayor McClure stated that Dave McMillan possibly wouldn’t be able to be here as he had to go out of town.  He was coming in regards to flooding and tornadoes, etc.

Terry Ayres:

Ayres address the council in regards to UTV/cars speeding by IL RT 78.  He added that people are also speeding around the square.  Ayres also commented on the signs that have been put around town in regards to the mattress sale.  He feels that it makes the town look trashy.  Ayres asked the council if these people were supposed to check in with City Hall before they put signs out?  Mayor McClure states they should be but they didn’t check in, he will follow up with it.


Monthly Reports

Ordinance Officer Mayor McClure introduced Debbie Large as the ordinance officer to the council.  He stated that she did this for Beardstown a while back.  Ordinance Officer Large stated that she would like the council to consider getting the IWORQ program.  She stated that the program would allow her to put in an address and it will give all information on the property.  She also added that it will create letters that are to be sent in regards to ordinance violations.  Ordinance Officer Large mentioned she knows that the city has a lot of really bad looking properties.  She stated that she is going to try and get this taken care of in a calm and organized manner.  The IWORQ program is about $2000.  They have a lot of different programs that are beneficial for city government.  Multiple users can be given access to this system as well.  Ordinance Officer Large stated it would save a lot of time.  She said right now she can devote 17-20 hours a week to this.  Alderwoman Martin asks what is the first step?  Ordinance Officer Large replied that the first step is to notify owner. If at the end of 7 days and nothing is done, then they are issued a citation.  If that doesn’t work, then they go to court.  Alderwoman Martin asked if the  7 days is like a warning period? Attorney Veith states the 7 days gives the owner the opportunity to get it in compliance before having to face civil penalties.  Alderwoman Martin refers to easing into this so that people get used to it.  Ordinance Officer Large states that they need to be able to communicate that this needs to be corrected and If people truly can’t do it., we can work with them.  If they just don’t want to, then that’s when we take action. Alderman Cox asks about buildings on the square.  Ordinance Officer Large states that we can get in contact with those owners as well.  Alderman Knous asks about the software program.  Treasurer Barrett states we are looking to upgrade our entire system. Ordinance Officer Large states you need to look at the iWORQ program.  Treasurer Barrett asks if it does water/sewer?  Ordinance Officer Large stated its based-on population, you would have to contact the company to see how much it would be to incorporate our whole system.  She said the ordinance program is $2000 for a one-year contract.  Treasurer Barrett states that we need to do our due diligence and we need a software that will do everything we need.  Alderwoman Martin states it might be better to do at one time.  Treasurer Barrett agreed.  Treasurer Barrett states we need to check it out and make an informed decision. Alderwoman Martin asked if can we appoint someone to research this? Treasurer Barrett states yes, he is sure we can get a demo.  He also added that Treasurer Barrett states we can set up a finance meeting and discuss.

Alderwoman Martin asked Ordinance Officer Large if she was going to work on grass, yards, etc? Ordinance Officer Large replied she would work on whatever you want me to start at.  McClure states he wants to start with working on the letters we have already sent out.  Ordinance Officer Large states she will start the notices by hand and when the council makes the decision on the program, just let her know.  Alderwoman Martin asks Ordinance Officer Large if she is going to do a report every month?  Ordinance Officer Large responded that she did a monthly report before.  Alderwoman Martin also asks if we have a job description? Mayor McClure states no.

Police Chief no report

Fire Chief 08/10 fender bender at 4 way, 08/29 smoke at school, air vac training

Lowe asks what are you doing about people burning after 430?Mayor McCure states telling them to stop.

Zoning Officer no report

Park Board Alderman Cox talked to Gibby and he is getting the pool drained.  There have been quite a few successful tournaments at park.  Gibby also said it was a great year at pool.  There will be a regional baseball game this Wednesday.  The Park board considering making a pickle ball court.  People interested will be paying for a big part of the cost.  There is also an 8u girls’ softball team has been playing up at the park a lot. Alderwoman Martin states over by the gazebo, there are only 2 bushes left.  Jonathon Mefford went down and shaped them up a little bit.  Alderwoman Martin wonders if park board would approve having him take those bushes out because they are too big and put a little greenery around that.  Treasurer Barrett states he is sure Gibby would do it if we ask him.  Alderwoman Martin states that Mr. Treasurer Barrett states he will mention it.  Log Cabin Days Oct 8th 10am.

Library Board no report

Economic Development no report

Cemetery no report

TIF Treasurer Barrett stated they have an application but not complete enough to call a meeting.  Applicant getting additional info then will call a meeting


Attorneys Report

Attorney Veith states we discussed the computer program, iWORQs.  He said that Beardstown and Havana use this program.  Attorney Veith states from his previous experience that it is a lot of paperwork for someone to enter the notices then draft the citation.  Attorney Veith suggests to investigate it further whether it be partial or total package, it would really help the code enforcement officer.  The Appropriations ordinance has the expedited passage waiving the 1st reading.  He added we need to have this when we do an expedited reading, we have to have a little section within the ordinance that refers to the emergency clause. Alderman Cox will be making that motion to amend the ordinance to include the clause.  If amendment fails, you will have to pass it on two readings.  If you decide to amend, it will have to be adopted by 2/3 vote.  Attorney Veith stated that the Mayor can vote if needed.  Attorney Veith states he has been working with the county on an intergovernmental agreement for funds that will be used for the square.  He said we will have some expediency required because it has to be submitted by Sept 30th.  It will require a special meeting. Alderwoman Martin asks about the supplemental appropriation, the $50000 contractual service would be for the sidewalk? No, it is for the roof repair of City Hall.  Mayor McClure states the insurance adjuster never got back with him.  We will go ahead and do it and whatever money back we get then we get.  Fall clean up October 10th, people start putting things out and will be picked up by October 17th.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox Alderman Cox said that he has been getting complaints about potholes and the school crossing: He added Mayor McClure got a crossing sign for the school crosswalk on the highway and it is really slowing people down.  Alderman Cox asked if there will be city wide garage sales this fall?  Mayor McClure stated they are the first Saturday in October.

Knous nothing to report

Wulf Alderman Wulf said that Jackson St has potholes that need to be fixed.  On Springfield St between Cass and 4thSt,  there is a tree that we have had several complaints about.  The sidewalk is raised there now.  Alderman Wulf added that there is a child with a power wheelchair that lives around there.  Maybe we can get rid of that tree as well?

Bowman nothing to report

Pratt.  not present

Martin Alderwoman Martin states that people will be elated about the recycling.  She has also received complaints about street signs and will make a list about the street signs that are the worst.  She suggested maybe we can get enough money to start replacing the worst and work from there.  If we can just do a few every year, at least we are working on it.  Alderwoman Martin also asked what is the status of the police? Alderman Knous states nothing yet. Alderwoman Martin asks we have an application we are pursuing? Alderman Knous replied with a yes, we are doing background checks and stuff.

City Clerks Report

Nothing to report

Mayors Report

Mayor McClure stated that the Gold Star mission is coming through town later in September which is put together in honor of fallen heroes.  The cardboard container is back up at the shed, its not painted yet.  The other container isn’t fixed yet.  Mayor McClure would rather have a certified welder do it so that he knows it is safe. Alderwoman Martin asks about the bandstand.  Mayor McClure responded that Rupert will be doing that and hope to get it done by December.

Unfinished Business

  1. Memorial Resolution honoring Gerald Gill

Alderwoman Martin states that Gerald Gill was such a great advocate for Virginia.  We had a picture and memorial made in his honor.  She stated it turned out so nice that we decided to do two.  One was given to the family and then will hang one up here in City Hall.

  1. 2nd reading of an Ordinance Prohibiting Parking of Vehicles between curbs and sidewalks

With nothing further to discuss,  Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of an Ordinance Prohibiting Parking of Vehicles between curbs and sidewalks and Alderman Bowman seconded.  Martin and Knous added yes votes while Wulf voted no.


  1. 2nd reading of an Ordinance Approving TIF Committee Recommendation for Use of TIF funds for Caraway Pubs Renovation

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the second reading of an Ordinance Approving TIF Committee Recommendation for use of TIF funds for Caraway Pub renovation and Alderwoman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


New Business

  1. Discussion Increasing the Number of Class A Liquor Licenses from 5 to 6

Mayor McClure stated he had a request from Casey’s.  They are trying out gaming in different stores.  They wanted to know if we would be willing to make a new liquor license so that they can get video gaming. Veith states there is a state license but it also regulated by your local liquor license commissioner.  You have to have a “pour” license in order to have a gaming license.  Mayor McClure is wanting to know if council is open adding another liquor license and then Attorney Veith will draft it. Alderwoman Martin doesn’t see a reason why we shouldn’t let them if we are generating revenue off it a month.  David Petefish asks why do the bars on the square have to have a residency requirement to have a liquor license? McClure states that someone has to live in town for 90 days before you can get one.  They have someone there that lives in town.   Mayor McClure tells Attorney Veith to draw up an ordinance.  Alderwoman Martin asks if this takes two readings?  We could waive the first one or we could have a special meeting.

  1. Supplemental Appropriation Ordinance (Expedited Passage Waiving First Reading)

Attorney Veith states this would be the time for Alderman Cox to make a motion to add language to the preamble.  Alderman Cox made a motion that amends the ordinance as urgent and it should take effect immediately upon passage and Alderman Knous seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Discuss and/or purchase computer program for Code Enforcing Officer

Mayor McClure states we will check on it and see if it is going to meet the City’s needs.  Treasurer Barrett stated that he isn’t against it, just doesn’t know anything about it.  He would like to do our due diligence before stating that we want to go with it.  Treasurer Barrett states that he likes two local municipalities use it and could be resources for us.


With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion at 805pm to adjourn the council meeting and Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.



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Randy McClure, Mayor                                         Ashley Cox, City Clerk