September 14, 2015


I.           Call To Order

Roll Call

II.          Minutes of Previous Meeting

Roll Call

III.         Treasurer’s Report

IV.         Transfer or Funds

Roll Call

V.           Approval of Monthly Bills

Roll call

VI.          Guests:

VII.        Monthly Reports:

A. Public Works Director

B. Police Chief

C. Fire Dept.

D. Board Reports

l. Zoning Board

2. Park Board

3. Library Board

4. Economic Development

5. Cemetery Board

E. Attorney’s Report

F. Aldermanic Report

G. City Clerk’s Report

H. Mayor’s Comments

VIII.       Unfinished Business:

A. Manufactured Homes

B. TIF Ordinance, Regarding City of Virginia Projects

IX.            New Business:

A. Excess Water Usage Amendment Ordinance

B. Amendment to Code 8-2-8 License Classifications,

Fees and Number