Safety Guideline Request

Safety Guideline Request to the Citizens of Cass County and the Communities and Villages with in


Cass County and all 5 community Mayors and Village Presidents within have agreed to make the following request to everyone residing within our boundaries;

Please wear some sort of facial covering when going out into public. It can be a mask but it doesn’t need to be N95 and surgical masks should be used by those in the medical or first response positions. It can be a bandana, or anything that covers both the mouth and nose. Many ideas are available on line. Everyone desires to get back to “normal”. Working together will expedite that possibility. A strategy like this needs 100% participation. Caution is particularly necessary when going to Wal-Mart, Sav a Lot, Virginia IGA,  Dollar General and places where the likelihood of being in close proximity to others may occur. This will protect you from the virus and protect other from you. Please partner with us to make this request a reality throughout Cass County. Again, this is a request not a mandate. Together, we will get thru this if everyone does their part.

Feel free to share with your friends, family and associates.