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The purpose of this note is to let you know where we currently stand with our aesthetic water quality problem.  The city has been conducting a flushing program (beginning last week and continuing this week) to eradicate the rust from the water system. This flushing is being conducted in a systematic manner, forcing water in the distribution system outward from the water tower.  Obviously, this means that some customers will begin to see improvement before others.  At this time, we believe that the water quality is improving.  Although, continued flushing will be required to continue to eliminate the transient water quality concern that persists in some areas of the distribution system.

For your background, the Virginia Water Treatment Plant is not believed to have caused the water color concerns within the city.  This is substantiated by the fact that rural water systems supplied by the plant are not having similar concerns.  Furthermore, there have been no process changes at the water plant during the period when the water has had color.  Our current thinking is that rust is being mobilized from the iron water mains and distributed to customers as flow conditions (hydraulic conditions) change over time.  This belief stemmed from two relatively new customers drawing substantial quantities of water, an F.S. plant and a concrete plant, on the north-east part of town.  It is believed that these large users were causing some flow reversals in the system which in turn caused rust to be scoured from the iron pipes.  The problem increased in May when a large water main break occurred.  This, again, is believed to have further resulted in distributed water collecting rust particles.   During the past several months, there was a desire to flush water mains; however, the aged condition of the hydrants in town delayed this action (until last week).  During this time of the aesthetic water quality complaints, the city has continued to comply with regulatory requirements for disinfectant residual and bacterial water quality as a plan of action has been formulated.

We will be reading water meters Friday, August 13 and will return Monday, August 16 to flush hydrants again starting at Front and Illini Street moving north and east thru the distribution system.

Should you require additional information on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me-217-452-7786 or 217-370-0138

Thank you

Mayor Randy McClure


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