City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

September 08th, 2014 7:30 pm

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Roll was called Petefish, Bell, Carson, Clark, Behrends and Cox answered present. The minutes of the August meeting were presented. Cox moved and Clark seconded that the minutes be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously. Mr. Velten gave the monthly treasurer’s report with normal packet attached. Mr. Velten did site water sales are down considerably this year, estimate dollar wise $60,000 to $80,000. Randy McClure said they are producing about 250,000 gallons per day, which includes Ashland, Cass Rural Water, Arenzville and Virginia. Mr. Velten also gave the transfer of funds: General Fund to Police Fund $4,500.00; Tax Increment Fund to General Fund $9,000; General Fund to Police Fund $6,000.00; Virginia Regional Water Savings to Virginia Regional Water $6,203.60 and Water Fund to Sewer Fund $397.47. Bell moved and Behrends seconded that the transfer be approved. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly bills were presented. Clark moved and Petefish seconded that they be paid as presented. Motion carried unanimously. Video Gaming sheet shows that last month $644.34 which bring year to date $6019.01

Guests: First guest of the evening was Phil Houser who stopped in to say hi and check on the water plant. Brent O’Daniel was present to thank the counsel for allowing them to use their chambers for school board meetings, they will begin using the Media Center at the New High School next Monday for their meetings. He appreciated the counsel’s attendance at the school ribbon cutting and open house. He reported that the damage to the school from storm was contained to the Large Gym and they have been able to just lock it up and temporarily fix the roof and it is air tight, no damage to new roof. He met with the Park board regarding the playground issues. He said talks went well. The main questions were on liability and they are looking into that with legal counsel to protect everyone involved. He spoke with architect and had him start plans to go over with board. Would like a 10,000 sq. ft. playground but they cannot move Gazebo and doesn’t want to hurt walking path. The park board is making sure to look into this to make sure it will not affect grants. If all comes together an agreement would be drawn up at a later date. Tim Bliss was present to let the counsel know that he is in business with Bliss leak detection Service. In case of any leaks he would be able to come in and help find. He also does water audits to find leaks from hydrants. He does both residential and commercial work.

Public Works (McClure): Had no report at this time

Police Chief (Osmer): City Clerk read Mr. Osmer’s arrest information and there were 8 civil disturbances; 17 traffic arrests; 5 criminal arrests; and sent 1 letter out on abandoned vehicles.

Fire Chief (Reynolds): Responded to call for gas leak at the high school and also a tree fire on Cass St.

Board Reports

Zoning (Finn): 4-5 permits; 1 garage 672 S Main; decks, fence and patios, regarding vacant house on Morgan St he has been in contact with Mortgage company and they will get someone down to take care of this matter. The Zillion house on Springfield St. has been removed. Board of Appeals meeting was held on August 21st and was to hear two cases. The first case was 241 Jackson St and carport to shelter the handicap ramp for the gentleman living in the residence.  The board gave its approval on this car port to allow variance with counsel approval.  The second case was 442 E. Union and without proper notice given to neighbors the board chose not to hear the case at this time.  Nobody showed up for or against and the property owner was no one present for this hearing.  Sent out a few yard letters and one particular property on south St. has been cleaned up and looks a lot better.  Had an inquiry for mobile vendor and thought we probably needed to work up something on this for next meeting.  Would also like to see a 5 minute parking sign in front of the Post Office go up.  Sometimes it is hard to get into the box when car is parked in space close to box.

Park: (Cox):  Pool has been drained; Superintendent Brent O’Daniel painted the tennis court backboard; Wes Cooksey is doing concrete work at the pool now that it is closed for the season.  The slide and the diving boards had to be removed for this work and will be back in place after work has been finished.  New swings for the playground have been purchased.  State inspector was at the park and everything was perfect.

Library (Clark): Met the 19th of August and are accepting bids for landscaping.  Next meeting September 16th.

Economic Development Board (Carson): No report

Cemetery (Carson):  Fall cleanup will be October 15-31 at the Cemetery; Janet Bentley is now the treasurer and is working on making accounts reconcile with the City before the next meeting.

Attorney’s Report: No report.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox: Thanked Randy and the guys for picking up after the storm.

Behrends: Appreciated Randy getting the barricades up to the school after storm

Clark: No report

Carson: Thanked Mike Finn for his work on house on Cass St, know he’s taken grief over it and it seems to be looking better.

Bell: Had a question about the house on Morgan St. across from the jail and if it is going to be cleaned up.

Petefish: no report

Clerk’s Report: no report

Mayor’s Comments: Wanted to recognize and congratulate local boy Eric Jokisch for his major league debut with the Chicago Cubs.

Unfinished business: no report

New Business: 2nd reading of the new employee application. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Clark. Motion carried unanimously.

Next on the agenda was the Intergovernmental agreement between the school and the City for the crossing guard at Main St. and Illini. Without City Attorney present this was extended to the next meeting. The Mayor asked for any recommendations on the agreement. Mr. Velten recommended that the school pay for crossing guard and then submit bill for City to reimburse the School. Mr. O’Daniel said he would get the School attorney in touch with City attorney and let them discuss the agreement.

Last item for new business was a variance for Jackson St. in Virginia. This is to allow the portable car port at 241 Jackson St., Virginia. The carport is used to cover the handicap ramp for Mr. Bowen who lives at the property. The Board of Appeals meeting recommended that the variance be granted for as long as the residents live in the property. Most of the neighbors were not opposed to the car port and after Mr. Bowen gave his talk everyone seemed to be okay with allowing it. After Mike Finn’s report a motion was made by Bell and seconded by Behrends to approve the 1 st reading of the variance. Motion carried unanimously.

With nothing further to discuss a motion was made by Cox and seconded by Carson to adjourn and enter executive session. Motion carried unanimously.

Roll was called back into open session. Petefish, Bell, Carson, Clark, Behrends and Cox were all present.

With nothing further to discuss motion was made by Bell and seconded by Clark to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Sudbrink, Mayor

Anne Plunkett, City Clerk