City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

Monday August 13th , 2018

Mayor Brunk opened the regular meeting at 7:03pm. Roll was called French, Anderson, Bowman, Wulf, and Behrends were present. Alderman Cox were not present. The minutes of the July meeting were presented. Alderman Behrends made a motion that the meeting minutes be approved and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly treasurer’s report was in the council’s monthly packet, the council reviewed. The video gaming revenue for the month of July was $2890.68. The sales tax figures for the month of July were $10084.54. There was no transfer of funds this month. Monthly bills were presented. Alderman Wulf made a motion and Alderman French seconded that the bills be paid as presented. Motion carried unanimously. Treasurer Barrett stated tax money is coming in. Water sales are a little down. There will be EPA and VRWS meetings in the near future. Treasurer Barrett also stated that there are few areas in the budget that decreased such as payroll expenses and contractual services.

Guests: Jamie Long, Frank Long, Ashley Reese, Carolyn Defenbaugh

Public Comment:


Students of the month:


Public Works (McClure): Mr. McClure stated that the crew has been doing a lot of mowing. The summer help will soon be finished. The John Deere tractor broke down. Brush was burned at the dump and they have been taking trees down at the park, cemetery, and around town.

Police Chief (Helmich): 178 calls, 51 service, 26 arrests. Alderman French asks about the park situation and states that surveillance needs to be increased, there are a lot of kids there after 10pm. Alderman French is also concerned about the cigarette smoking near the playground. The Mayor stated that there were arrests that were made up their recently. Alderman French just wanted to make sure that the Chief knew there are concerns. Alderman Behrends stated he heard there was broken glass up there as well.

Fire Chief (Reynolds): 2 calls: 1- on Stowe St, 1- wreck on 125. Mr. Reynolds would also like to thank the city for mowing around the firehouse. As a reminder the Fish Fry will be Sept 15th from 4pm-7pm.

Board Reports

Zoning (Merriman): nothing to report at this time.

Park (Cox): The pool closed 8/10. The park employed 11 concession workers and 7 lifeguards this year. The chlorine shed and the bath house need work, it is plumbing issues. There has been an issue of vandalism.

Library: There has been a change in personnel, there is a new director now. The new director is wanting to be involved in the hiring of other staff. Steve Clark stated that the outside is looking much nicer.

Economic Development (Anderson): nothing to report at this time

Cemetery (Behrends): need to appoint a new board member

Attorney’s Report: Attorney asks the council to move the attorneys report down to after public comment. Alderman French makes the motion, Alderman Wulf seconds, motion carriers unanimously.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox: not present.

Behrends: the welcome home was awesome and very much appreciated. Citizens have been asking why the squad car does not have decals. Mayor Brunk responded that they are going to get an estimate. Also would like to remind people of the burn notice, it must be out by 4pm.

Wulf: stated that citizens are asking when the street is going to open up again near the 911 office.

Bowman: stated that like Alderman Wulf, citizens are asking when the street is going to open back up. Alderman Bowman inquired about the water meter payments, if it was up this year? The answer is no, it was either a 5 or 7 year term.

Anderson: citizens have been asking why the Chief doesn’t wear a uniform and when there will be decals put on the squad car

French: nothing to report

Clerks Report: nothing to report

Mayor’s Report: stated that the street issue is being addressed and it is a work in progress.

Unfinished Business:

No unfinished business at this time

New Business:

The Mayor would like to appoint Martin Fanning as a part time police officer. He will need to be sent to the Academy for further training. Alderman Wulf made a motion to appoint Martin Fanning as a part

time police officer and authorize the funds to be allocated for the training that is needed. Alderman Behrends seconded. Motion carries unanimously.

Attorney Veith asks the council if they would like to modify the burn ordinance. Alderman French stated that he thought it should just be left as is. The Mayor stated that he is reviewing surrounding towns burn ordinances. Attorney Veith told the council if they want to revise they need to let him know so he can start working on it.

Alderman Behrends made a motion at 7:31pm to adjourn the public meeting and go into Executive Session. Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

At 8:17pm, roll was called to go back into public session. Alderman French, Anderson, Bowman, Wulf, and Behrends were all present. Alderman Cox was not present.

At 8:18pm, Alderman Wulf made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carries unanimously.

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Reg Brunk, Mayor                                                                                Ashley Cox, City Clerk