City of Virginia

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 9th, 2019

Mayor Brunk opened the regular meeting at 7:01pm. Roll was called. Alderman French, Pratt, Bowman, Wulf, Behrends, and Cox were all present. The council reviewed the agenda. Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda and Alderman Wulf seconded, motion carried unanimously. The minutes of the November meeting were presented, Alderman Pratt made a motion to approve the minutes and Alderman French seconded. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly bills were presented to the council. Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly bills, Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Barrett stated that we still need to clean up a few things on the audit but we still haven’t received it yet. We have to submit the preliminary audit from last year to refile a TIF extension. It was supposed to be filed by the end of October so we will have to request that. Mayor Brunk asks what the process is for requesting a new auditing firm. Treasurer Barrett states that the current auditing firm has everything they need so he is not sure why it is taking so long but it took three emails last time to even get them to respond. Mayor Brunk states that we will need to discuss this further. Treasurer Barrett stated that he and Jeanette need to meet to discuss the VRWS amoritization payments. Treasurer Barrett stated that overall we are ok and that we have more income coming in than what was budgeted which is normal. He stated that expenses are at 43%, which is pretty good, and it is where the city has budgeted. We will need to start budgeting so and at least get a preliminary one done in the next week or two. Mayor Brunk stated that further discussion on the auditing situation will be discussed amongst the council and go from there. Gaming revenue for the month of November was $3152.51 and sales tax for the month of November was $11103.06


Mike Finn, Anthony Moore

Public Comment

Anthony Moore: Republic Services Waste Removal, Municipal Manager
Mr. Moore stated that his company can save residents money on their trash services. They also offer a cleanup to the community that is a service that the city was previously paying for and they also offer free municipality services as well. Republic Services provides trash cans at no cost and if they break they will replace it for free. Alderman Cox asked what the cost is per month. Mr. Moore stated that for a municipal contract it would be around $15-$17 dollars per residence. Mayor Brunk asks if he and the council could review some numbers and also stated that the dumpsters they have right now are rather costly. Mr. Moore states that he will get something together so that the council can review and that the dumpsters with a municipal contract would be taken care of at no cost. Mayor Brunk asked Mr. Moore about the cost of a city wide clean up. Mr. Moore states that they work with the municipality and come in on a weekend and set up a location. Mr. Moore also stated that they have curb side pick up as well.
Alderman French asks if Republic Services work directly with the residents? Mr. Moore said no they work with the council. Alderman French clarifies that this is a city contract not a resident contract. Mr. Moore replied that was correct. Mayor Brunks asks how is the bill handled? Mr. Moore states that it would be more cost efficient if it was included on a water bill but individual bills can be sent out as well. Treasurer Barrett asks if Republic Services currently services local communities around here? Mr. Moore replied that they currently do not service communities around here that this is a fresh area for them but that they probably have about 70,000 municipal contract throughout the country. Mr. Moore also stated that if the council would like references that he can provide them. Mayor Brunk asked if it was one day a week pick up and Mr. Moore said yes. Mayor Brunk stated that he and the council would be interested in looking at an estimate for these services. Alderman Cox thanked Mr. Moore for coming to present to the council. Mr. Moore told the council if they have any more questions feel free to contact him.

Monthly Reports

Public Works (McClure): states the brush has been picked up on main streets. The lights on the square done. Dollar General is putting in the water and sewer, the water is in, and we sent sample in to get an operating permit, they are still working on the sewer. McClure also stated that a postcard came through the mail stating CIPS coming through cutting trees down. McClure said he talked to the guy today and asked if they could cut down any bad trees they see. They will take all the rotted trees down on Division St where the power outage was.

Police Chief (Kennedy): 170 calls, 96 service, 47 traffic stops, assisted county 15 times, 5 arrests, 2 minor accidents in town.

Fire Chief (Reynolds): not present

Zoning Officer: not present

Board Reports

Park Board Everything is winterized. The park needs concrete but its too late right now to do that with winter coming up. Clarification was asked in regards to having to get city approval for a contract. It appears that anything less than $5000 does not have to have council approval, that it is in the parks contract with the city.

Library Board: nothing new to report

Economic Development: nothing to report

Cemetery Board: Alderman French stated that he resigned from the Cemetery Board. There is nothing new other than the on going issue that they have been dealing with for a while.

Attorneys Report: Attorney Veith stated in regards to the ordinance authorizing TIF, the TIF committee met and voted to approve the use of TIF funds for repayment of the cost of demo/clean up. At this time
the city does not own that property but there is a court order that has been signed by owner/judge at the conclusion of the process. We will have lien and owner is to transfer the property to the city as part of a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The city will not be liable for back taxes. Then the city can use the property as we see fit, it is in the TIF district and it will hopefully be improving the square. Alderman Cox stated he thought we already done this. Attorney Veith states the council approved the contract and now council is approving the use of TIF funds to pay the contractor. Alderman Behrends stated so instead of having two different readings can we just waive the first reading? Attorney Veith states he did not put the emergency clause in there. Attorney Veith also stated that he has draft ordinances not for passage tonight for you all to take and read. The first clarifies the limitations on the Mayor’s right to vote so that will bring the code up to date. The second clarifies how to use the emergency clause to pass an ordinance without two readings. Attorney Veiths states that the council can think about it and get back to him with comments/concerns/questions. Attorney Veith reiterates this is not for tonight’s meeting this is for in the future.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox: Alderman Cox would like to thank Jeanette and Kayla for getting the hall decorated and the city crew for getting the town ready. Also Thank you to Chief Kennedy for coming up to the ball game the other night. Santa wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

Behrends: Alderman Behrends asks about a status update on the building on the south side of the square. Attorney Veith states that the owner is currently in the hospital and the person who knows this will not disclose where. Attorney Veith stated that we are not the only municipality that is trying to get in contact with him but that he has a feeling we will end up in the same position we are in now with the other building on the square. He stated that the City of Freeport was able to get grants and demolish over 20 properties, this is something that we need to research and see how they were able to get that done.

Wulf: Alderman Wulf would like to thank Randy and Crew for finishing up the clean up and setting up for Christmas. He would also like to thank Chief Kennedy for getting new squad car, it is now detailed and looking good.

Bowman: Alderman Bowman asks for an update on what the contractor is doing on the demo? Mayor stated that he is expected to start December 15th. Alderman French asks if he is having to wait for the approval of the TIF funds? Treasurer Barrett stated yes, he can’t start until the funds are approved. Alderman French asked if a special meeting can be called and Attorney Veith stated yes.

Pratt: nothing at this time

French: Alderman French wants to meet with Randy to start on the budget for the water/sewer dept. Alderman French stated that he wanted to get the budget to Treasurer Barrett in ample time so that it isn’t a surprise. Alderman French also stated that he is now the Animal Control Representative and wanted to know if there is any signage that we need. Mayor Brunk states that is a county commission
and that there is a representative from each municipality that meets once a month, he thinks it is a on a Thursday but he will double check.

City Clerks Report: Nothing to report

Mayors Report: Mayor Brunk stated that 2020 is a census year and we will probably have something encouraging people to fill out their census card and send it back. This is important, especially for a small community in regards to funding. These cards will start coming in January. Mayor Brunk stated that it looked like Christmas on the Square was a success and that City Hall looked really nice. He also received notification on Friday that the USDA has approved the funding for the squad car which is a $19000 grant. Alderman Wulf asked what the remaining balance would be. Mayor Brunk stated the city wrote a check for $39000 and we got $21000 from the accident so we should be fine. The decals were a little cheaper than we thought they were going to be as well. Lomelinos did a great job and Mayor Brunk would like to thank him. Mayor Brunk also stated that he needs to contact Mr. Graham who will be painting the flag pole and the sign. There are some properties that he will be discussing with Chief Kennedy and Attorney Veith that they have been working on for several months. Alderman French would like a current list of these properties that are being worked on. Mayor Brunk stated he would get them the list. Chief Kennedy stated that some of them have been served and that the owners said they weren’t going to do anything about it.

Unfinished Business

A. Tax Levy (2nd reading)

Treasurer asked if there were any questions. Without further discussion, Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of the Tax Levy and Alderman Behrends seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

New Business

A. Ordinance Approving TIF Committee Recommendation for use of funds for demolition of OS Front Street
The council reviewed. Alderman French made a motion to approve the TIE committee recommendation for use of funds for demolition of 0 S Front St. Alderman Behrends seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Alderman Cox made a motion at 7:43pm to go into Executive Session, Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

At 7:49pm the council returned back into public session. Roll was called. French, Pratt, Bowman, Wulf, Behrends, and Cox all answered present.
Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the Christmas Bonuses for City employees and Alderman French seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

With nothing further to discuss, at 7:52pm Alderman Cox made a motion to adjourn the council meeting and Alderman Bowman seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Reg Brunk, Mayor                                                          Ashley Cox, City Clerk

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