City of Virginia

February 13th, 2023

Regular Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call:  Cox, Knous, Wulf, Bowman, Pratt, Martin all answered present

Agenda Approval:  Mayor amended agenda, adding Executive Session after public comment to discuss Personnel.  Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda with the amendment to add Executive Session after public comment to discuss Personnel.  Alderman Knous seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Approval:  Alderman Pratt made a motion to approve the minutes, Alderwoman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Monthly Bills:  Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly bills, Alderman Pratt seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Sales Tax: $21458.87

Video Gaming: $6286.80

Treasurer Barrett stated that we are about 75% through the fiscal year and the budget is still looking good.  He added that expenses are at 57%.  There is a VRWS meeting on Friday at 2pm.  The final TIF Report will be done soon.  There is also a finance committee meeting after tonight’s council meeting.


Terry Ayres, Ronnie Paul, Pat Noltensmeier, Steve Clark, Mike Lowe

Ronnie Paul

Mr. Paul addressed the council in regards to the water situation.  Paul gave the council a packet of the proposal.  He stated there are three infrastructure quotes: 1) water 2) sewer and 3) both.  The best chance to get funding options is through USDA Rural Development.  However, we will go into it assuming this is a loan only but hopefully be awarded a grant after they assess the application.  Paul stated his firm will assist in the process.  Paul stated there is a work order for the Preliminary Engineering Report in the packet in front of the council.  Once this is approved, we will start the process.  The sewer was He stated that they will help with the EPA work permit.  He stated that it is just an estimate and that some areas could be cheaper.  Paul stated that street repair is included in the project cost.  Most of the water/sewer lines were put in in 1939 aside from the new subdivision.  Alderman Cox asks what the life expectancy of lines are? Paul stated the city probably has surpassed that.  He stated that doesn’t mean that they are bad, that they are just probably clay tile and that’s why a camera inspection would be done to see what we are working with down there.  Alderman Wulf asks if we could find the “hot spots” and Paul responded yes.  They were last inspected in 1978.  Alderman Wulf asks about funding for the project.  Treasurer Barrett states we do have ARPA funds.  He added that there needs to be a discussion in regards to how much impact will be seen on people’s bills.  Treasurer Barrett asks Paul what kind of grants are out there? Paul responded that the USDA looks at the project and tries to keep rates comparable.  They look at the median household income and other factors to decide the grant.  We will not know how much will be grant funded until the funds are obligated.  We will need to include in the application documentation of health and safety hazards.  Paul feels there are probably already enough issues with health and safety today to qualify.  Alderman Knous stated that we need to have a water/sewer meeting soon.  Paul added that things will not get cheaper.   The application is an additional cost and they are done every 5 years.   Paul states that there is a Short-Lived Asset Replacement that Rural Development requires to be set aside as a “mandatory savings account”.  Paul added that if the council does not decide to fix it now, it will still have to be fixed later.  Alderman Knous states that another water/sewer and finance committee meeting is needed before a decision can be made to go through with this.  Treasurer Barrett states that we are getting in to high interest rates.  Mayor McClure stated that a committee meeting will be held and with the warm weather coming soon, we need to make a move on it.  With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Knous made a motion to hold off on making a decision until committees have met, Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.




Monthly Reports

Police Chief: Chief Shumate gave the council a copy of all the calls.  He stated he had 4 meetings this week.  One of them was at the school.  The school is trying to revamp their emergency protocols.  There has also been some stop arm violations that the Chief has assisted with.  He will also be meeting with the senior citizens and the Christian Women’s Group.  Chief Shumate thanked Chief Reynolds for donating the fluer device.  Alderwoman Martin asks about e-tickets.  Chief stated he would have to check with county.  Alderman Wulf added that the council was told it would be $2000 to install a device for etickets which would include a laptop and a printing device.

Fire Chief: Chief Reynolds stated there were two calls: 1 weed fire, 1 carbon monoxide call

Ordinance Officer: The Ordinance Officer stated that 2 cases have an agreement signed.  There are 4 more cases to go to court tomorrow and another 4 in March.  She stated that 6 notices have been served on abandoned houses.  Alderman Cox asked about the buildings on the square.  She replied she tried to serve the owner of the archery place but there is no address.  There will be a meeting tomorrow to discuss the buildings on the square.  She also added that her voicemail states the time she is available and individuals are welcome to leave messages, she will return calls.

Superintendent of Water Report (Hayden Coffey): There was a main break but it was able to be fixed without issuing a boil order.  A sledge pump had to be fixed.  We continue to get samples per EPA.  Alderman Pratt asks about leak on Liberty.  Coffey stated the valve isn’t sealing up and it might have to be replaced.

Superintendent of Street Report (John Ratliff): All of the street signs that needed to be replaced have been replaced.  More Stop and Yield signs are needed and we are waiting on a quote.  The flashing light was fixed near the school and another School Zone sign has been ordered.  Ratliff stated there were 5 dead trees that were cut down and cleaned up and there is one more to take down on Myrtle.  Alderwoman Martin stated she received some complaints about the road by the cemetery.  Ratliff said that they will figure out how to fix it.

Park Board: Alderman Cox stated Gibby will be opening the park back up on March 1st and will return back to work March 15th.  The pool will be painted and the slides need worked on.  There will be more summer ball games this year.  Alderwoman Martin stated there are two lights by the cabin and Sage Dr.  that shine in your vision when you are driving.  They are the two closest to Arenzville Rd and they need to be turned down.

TIF: Treasurer Barrett stated that there have been no new requests.  The annual TIF filing is due this week.


Attorneys Report

Attorney Veith stated there are four court cases tomorrow which are first appearance cases.  They will either plead guilty or they will go to trial and will have to be reviewed in March.


Mayors Report

Mayor McClure stated that spring is coming and hopefully things are looking better


Aldermanic Reports

Cox: Alderman Cox thanked the Fire Dept for responding to a fire call at his home.

Knous: nothing to report

Wulf: nothing to report

Bowman: nothing to report

Pratt: nothing to report

Martin: Alderwoman Martin asks if anything can be done about the Herter House? Attorney Veith asks to discuss with Martin later and not in public forum.

City Clerks Report

Nothing to Report

Unfinished Business

No Unfinished Business

New Business

  1. Accept the City Audit as presented (Audit at City Hall for your review)

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to accept the City Audit and Alderman Martin seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Public Comment

Terry Ayres

Ayres gave a picture to the council of cars by the big pavilion at the Park.  He also mentioned putting a “Stop Sign Ahead” sign going North on Main St.  Mayor replied that the stated would need to be contacted about doing that.  Could possibly talk to CIPS about getting the flashing light back.  The state did mention after the construction is done that they might put in rumble strips


Steve Clark

Clark asks about state funding for projects.  He stated that we need to go to our State Representative/State Senator and talk to them about what needs to be done.  An effort needs to be made to find all the grant funding that is possible.  Clark also thanked Chief Shumate on following up on the stop arm violations.



At 810pm, Alderman Cox made the motion to go into Executive Session and Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

At 848pm, the council returned to Public Session and with nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to adjourn the council meeting and Alderman Wulf seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.






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Randy McClure, Mayor                                                                              Ashley Cox, City Clerk