CITY OF VIRGINIA

                        May 11, 2020


                                          DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS-19 THIS MEETING WILL BE HELD BY CONFERENCE CALL

                                                 ANYONE WISHING TO PARTICIPATE CAN USE THE FOLLOWING NUMBERS:

                                                         1-503-300-6844  CONFERENCE CODE:  221919 Listen for * Instructions


            1. Call To Order

       Roll Call

            1. Approval of Agenda

       Roll Call

            • Minutes of Previous Meeting

        Roll Call

            1. Treasurer’s Report
            2. Approval of Monthly Bills

                 Roll Call

            1. Guests:
            • Unfinished Business
            1. Ordinance to limit parking in front of the grocery store to 30 minutes on M-F

     between 8:00 – 3:00 ( 2nd reading)

            1. FY 20/21 Appropriation Ordinance (2nd Reading)


            • New Business
            1. Cemetery Board Appointment
            2. Discuss Municipal Salaries


            1.    Public Comment


            1.  Adjourn




  The City of Virginia is an equal opportunity provider and employer.