City of Virginia

Minutes of Regular Meeting

May 11th, 2015 7:30 pm

Mayor Steve Sudbrink opened the regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Roll was called Petefish, Bell, Behrends Clark and Cox answered present. The minutes Of the April meeting were presented. Clark moved and Petefish seconded that the minutes be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously. The treasurer gave his monthly report with regular packet to the counsel; this is for complete fiscal period. Overall expenses held to 30% under what was projected, but some was due to projects that had been figured in but not completed. Income from sewer and water was down 18% or about $124,000 for the year. The video game revenue for March payable in April was $2,074.00 and sales tax figures this month were $12,061.00. A transfer of funds was made from the General Fund to the Police Fund for $ 2,500.00 and a second transfer from the General Fund to the Police Fund for $10,000.00.Motion was made by Cox and seconded by Behrends that the transfer be approved. Motion carried unanimously. The monthly bills were presented.Bell moved and Clark seconded that they be paid as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Guests: Mary White presented her concerns about the water and sewer rates in Virginia and the affect they are having on the local business. Sunrise Ag and Andrews Tire and Service were also there in support of Ms. White’s presentation. Mr. Rich Vanderpool mentioned that of the 4 locations they operate in Virginia has the highest rate for water and sewer. Mr. Sudbrink thanked them for attending and expressing their concerns. Mr. Velten wanted to make known that the water rate situation is something they have been aware of and have been working with the EPA currently on loan rates and time. Mike Beck was present from Sunrise Ag to discuss road issues on Gridley Rd and Duncan Ave. He stated that they are in bad shape and wondered what the city had planned to fix these roads. He appreciated the asphalt the city recently put down. Randy McClure stated that they would be doing some road work in the near future time and weather permitting. They would be starting North and South streets first and then in the fall possibly get out to put some culverts near Sunrise.

Public Works (McClure): The department has been mowing, patching and cleaning streets to get ready for the Bar B Que and they have also been doing maintenance on equipment.

Police Chief (Boris):The department answered 132 calls for service, 4 traffic citations and 1 arrests and 1 criminal case pending.

Fire Chief (Reynolds):The department had 1 assistance call, 1 false alarm and 1 mutual aid to Arenzville.

Board Reports

Zoning: (Merriman): no report

Park: (Cox): Construction of new playground for school has started; the walk path has been partially removed and will be replaced. New High Dive at pool, New locks have been put on the concession area at the park and a Fun Day is scheduled for June 20th, 2015, $10 per person all wrist band donated by Stephanie Hobrock and corporate sponsors for inflatables so 100% profit on this event.

Library (Clark):Met the 21st of April, the summer reading program starts first week of June and needs volunteers. Next meeting will be the 19th of May.

Economic Development (Clark): Met the 22nd Of April,

Cemetery ():no report

Attorney’s Report:No report

Aldermanic Reports

Cox:Mr. Cox received a complaint about the Ruth Rogers property on East South Street, grass and trash.

Behrends:Mr. Behrends had a request from resident about looking into sidewalk to Dollar General for those that don’t drive. He also inquired about tree stumps that needed to be ground down and the conditions of the roads.

Clark:Mr. Clark mentioned ordinance regarding chickens in the city limits due to Jacksonville looking into change in ordinance on this.

Bell:Mr. Bell wanted to thank Ward 2 for 28 years of putting him in the seat to represent them. He also wanted to thank the counsel, the 3 mayors he served under. He said it was time for him to go fishing.

Petefish:No report

Clerk’s Report:No report

Mayor’s Comments:Mayor Sudbrink wanted to announce that Susan Carson had resigned from the counsel April 20th, 2015.

Unfinished Business: First under unfinished business was amending the Liquor Ordinance creating a second class “S” license. A motion was made by Clark and seconded by Behrends the vote was Petefish, Clark, Behrends and Cox Yes and Bell No, motion carried 4-1. Next up was creating a Snow ordinance regarding cars parked on the square during a snow storm starting at 8pm. A motion was made by Petefish and seconded by Clark, motion carried unanimously. 351A ordinance revising water rates was discussed. Mr. Bell said they tried to come up with another way but this was only way they could find a motion was made by Bell and seconded by Clark, motion carried unanimously. 351B ordinance revising the sewer rates discussed and a motion was made by Cox and seconded by Behrends, motion carried unanimously. Next up was the 2nd reading of the appropriation ordinance for Fiscal Year 2015/2016, a motion was made by Clark and seconded by Behrends, motion carried unanimously. A resolution to modify the employee handbook was next with a motion made by Clark and seconded by Cox, motion carried unanimously. Last up for unfinished business was a water main extension which would be able to service the Depot, the Laundry facilities and the New Casey store that might be coming. Mr. Kevin Krohe gave an easement to the city to put the new 4″ line and hydrant on property he owns near location. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Behrends, motion carried unanimously. A motion was made to adjourn into executive session by Cox and seconded by Clark at 8:23 pm. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting called back to order with Petefish, Bell, Clark, Behrends and Cox all present. Motion by Petefish on the table regarding the executive session minutes, leaving those minutes sealed at this time, it was seconded by Clark. Motion carried unanimously. The Mayor next wanted to recognize Dale Bell for his 28 years of service. He thanked Mr. Bell for his service. In recognition of his 28 years he was presented a certificate of appreciation and also a gift certificate to the Depot. The Mayor invited everyone in attendance to shake Dale’s hand and have a piece of cake. Meeting was adjourned sine die.

Luke Thomas attorney for the city swore in new council members H Devlin, Steve Anderson, Brad Bowman and also Rick Cox and Anne Plunkett. The meeting was called back into order with new members Devlin, Anderson, Bowman, Clark, Behrends and Cox all present.

New Business:

First on the agenda was MABUS, which is mutual aid between fire departments, $15.00 per year. Motion was made by Cox and seconded by Behrends, motion carried unanimously. Next up manufactured home ordinance and it will be moved to next month on agenda. Video gaming disbursement next up, Luke Thomas wanted to address this issue of ear marking money for certain projects, should probably budget funds or would get complicated, don’t restrict in ordinance form, he doesn’t recommend putting in ordinance form. Next up was a Police department training request, Chief Boris wanted to pull a couple candidates through the training academy $1900 ea. but fully reimbursed after graduation. He had one

candidate to put though the academy presently. Motion was made by Cox and seconded by Clark.

Motion carried unanimously. The mayor wanted to make sure that the alderman had their committee, Devlin has Water and Sewer, Behrends has Police, Clark has finance, Anderson has ordinance, Bowman has buildings, Cox has Streets and Alleys. Contact information for new alderman was requested. New Board members need to complete OMA test it can be done online and the city will also need a certificate. Mayor Sudbrink congratulated everyone. Mr. Velten said he would set up meeting for new members to go over budget.

With nothing further to discuss a motion was made by Cox seconded by Clark to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

Steve Sudbrink, Mayor

Ill Anne Plunkett, City Clerk