City of Virginia 

November 13th, 2023

Regular Meeting Minutes


Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call: Martin, Andrews, Stanbridge, Wulf, Knous, and Cox all answered present.

Agenda Approval: Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda, Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Approval: Alderman Knous made a motion to approve the minutes, Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Monthly Bills: Alderman Wulf made a motion to approve the monthly bills pending the taxes on receipts for police and water are removed, Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:   Treasurer Barrett was absent



Ben Cox, Paige Drane, Michelle Carty, Hilary Brown, Mike Lowe, John Shaner Paige Drane:

Drane lives in Beardstown will be the local agent under Family Heritage for Global Life. This insurance is kind of like AFLAC. Drane stated that this insurance does not come through payroll/HR, its on individual payment. She added her company has higher coverage for hospital stays. Drane also stated that the main way Global Life is different is they do a return of premium. If you don’t use the policies, they refund all premiums back to individual. For example, if you have had cancer policy for 25 years and never use the policy, since it has matured, you get your premiums back. This insurance company offers coverage for cancer, heart attack, stroke, hospital, ICU, etc. Drane stated she wanted to introduce herself and leave her business card with you and can reach out to you later. Drane added that she is not trying to replace AFLAC, just wanted to address the council for consideration to offer to employees so they have an option.

Monthly Reports:

Police Chief: Chief Shumate stated still working on the grant, its due on Wednesday. It’s a 2-year salary reimbursement, no match contribution. Mayor has a copy of the new dispatch contract; the cost has gone down.

Fire Chief: nothing to report

Ordinance Officer: nothing to report

Superintendent of Water Report (Dylan Cook): Plant is back up and running right, now we can focus on in town issues.

Superintendent of Street Report (John Ratliff): nothing to report

Park Board: Cox stated they raised almost $4500 at the Spooktacular event. The new park benches are done. Next meeting: Nov 15th 7pm

TIF: Alderwoman Martin asks if we have any information about the Snedeker project? Mayor states Eric Snedeker’s lawyer is going to send a certified letter to the people that own the building. He is going to try to get the building torn down. If we can get that accomplished, then TIF would pay back a stipend each year until it is paid back. Alderwoman Martin asks about the title search? Mayor states yes, he thinks Eric Snedeker has everything he needs.

Attorneys Report:   No report


Mayors Report: 

Mayor states we have the rumble strips out at the intersection now. He has been in contact with Keystone Power Company. They could possibly install solar panels at our sewer plant to try to save us money on electricity. Mayor stated he was going to see if he can come to the meeting next month. Mayor also stated when Chief Shumate had his accident, he got a call from the Chief in Jacksonville. The Chief in Jacksonville said there was no issues with how Chief Shumate handled himself, it was an accident and it shot through his foot. Mayor stated there is an alderman on the council now to continuously degrading our city employees. We as a council need to back our employees. Mayor would like the council to vote that Alderman Wulf can no longer post degrading comments on Facebook. Alderman Wulf states he never said anything about the chief. Mayor states Alderman Wulf insinuated things about the Chief. Mayor reads Facebook post: Now I know why some people shouldn’t be allowed to use fire arms. The next one was: You know what they say about shooting yourself in the foot LOL. Alderman Wulf replied why don’t you read the city employees comments after that. Mayor states employees were defending the chief. Alderwoman Martin states she doesn’t approve of a council member posting negative things about the city/council. If there are issues, this is the place where you come to fix those problems. Alderman Wulf states the mayor does things behind our backs. Alderwoman Martin states she wants to work with Alderman Wulf, but putting it on Facebook is not the way to do it. Alderman Wulf states the mayor doesn’t communicate. He added that the council hasn’t been notified that the attorney has left and city ordinance states he has 5 days to notify us. Alderman Andrews stated he reiterates exactly what Alderwoman Martin said, we should have those conversations in the meeting. He doesn’t feel that social media is where these kinds of things need to be discussed. Alderwoman Stanbridge states she doesn’t think a vote is appropriate. Alderman Cox states he’s not on Facebook much but would suggest to be careful what is said. Mayor states his point is when Alderman Wulf refers to city employees. Alderman Cox states doesn’t feel anyone should talk about anyone on Facebook. Alderman Knous added that he doesn’t like it either. Alderwoman Martin believes everyone can work together and thinks everyone is on here for the right reason. Mayor states he is trying to get a rise out of the public. Alderwoman Martin states it is mostly towards Chief Shumate but he has made other comments about others as well. Mayor stated Alderman Andrews has asked for a meeting and Alderman Wulf denied it. Alderman Wulf stated that that is not what happened. Alderwoman Martin suggested an agreement with Alderman Wulf that he will tone it down and we work together to achieve things.

Aldermanic Reports

Cox thanked city guys for getting everything picked up

Knous nothing to report

Wulf stated the fire door will be installed this week, weather permitting. Thank you to everyone involved with Trunk or Treat, Spooktacular and Log Cabin Days. December 1st Christmas on the Square will take place.

Stanbridge stated water/sewer committee meeting occurred. She added we need approval from committee on getting a clothing allowance for the workers. She suggested maybe in the $200 range to get them something to wear. Alderman Wulf asks if can get contract with Aramark. Alderman Knous says he thinks more so contract with Farm and Home or Buchheits. We need a city emblem on the shirts. Alderwoman Stanbridge suggests getting a safety vest with the city emblem on it so they are­ easily identified. Dylan Cook gave Alderwoman Stanbridge a list of things that are needed/wanted. She added that we are going to put it in the order of importance. Dylan will get Alderwoman Stanbridge a list of fire hydrants that need repaired in town as well. Alderwoman Martin asks we are having a study done with water lines? Alderwoman Stanbridge replied yes, but that won’t be for a while.

Andrews nothing to report

Martin stated that last year we did the Salute to Seniors at Christmas time and provided goodie bags, we still have money in that account. If anyone who wants to donate, there is an account at Petefish its called Salute to Seniors or if you want to buy some items you can bring them to city hall. Alderwoman Martin will ask businesses. She added it will probably be a smaller scale than last year. She stated it will go to bread of love individuals because those are people who have already signed up that they needed help. We might do nursing home too because there aren’t many people there. Alderwoman Martin also keeps getting complaints about cats. Someone asked her today if there is anything you can do to get rid of the cat problem. Alderwoman Martin also mentioned the SLFRF funds and that we need to decide what we are going to do with that money. Alderwoman Martin signed up for a seminar because she knows the council wants to know what kind of things, we can use this money on. Alderwoman Stanbridge stated fire hydrants. Alderwoman Martin asked the council if anyone has any specific question that they would like her to ask at the seminar? Alderwoman Stanbridge states if she thinks of something she will message Martin.

City Clerks Report :   Nothing to report

Unfinished Business:   NO UNFINISHED BUSINESS


New Business:

 A.  Accept former City Attorney’s resignation, approve the appointment of Erin Wilson Laegeler as City Attorney, and adopt her contract

Mayor states the contract is in the council packet. Alderwoman Martin asks about rate comparison. Mayor states thinks the previous attorney was a little lower than these rates. Alderwoman Martin asks Laegeler if she has any municipality experience? Attorney Laegeler states currently has 6 municipalities. Alderman Wulf asks about travel charge. Attorney Laegeler states she works in Quincy and lives in Rushville. Alderman Wulf asks where would charge from? Attorney Laegeler states it will depend on where she is that day. Alderwoman Stanbridge asks about court, Attorney Laegeler states that’s really up to the court schedule. Alderwoman Martin asks if Attorney Laegeler was only doing municipality work? Attorney Laegeler says she does individual work as well. With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Martin made a motion to accept the former City Attorney’s resignation, approve the appointment of Erin Wilson Laegeler as City Attorney, and adopt her contract.

B.   Discuss and/or hire Deputy Clerk and Water Collector

AldermanAndrews-been-doing-the-inten1iews and he has if narrowed down. Alderwoman Martin would like to thank Laura Carson for everything she has done while working for the city. She is very professional, friendly, and capable. Mayor was also upset when got the news that Laura was leaving. Alderman Andrews states he has it narrowed down to two people. They are both for the full-time position. It is hard to get people to do part time. Trina Jones, works for Prairieland Ag and lives locally. Misty Frank works at Nestle. She has bookkeeping experience and has managerial experience. They both have good work history. Alderman Andrews would recommend Trina Jones. Alderwoman Martin states we need a strong person in the financial realm. Mayor asks for a recommendation for water clerk? Alderman Andrews stated out of all the interviews, no one wanted the water clerk. Alderman Andrews will call all tomorrow and see if they were interested in other position. Alderwoman Martin asks if it is because we labeled it the water clerk? Alderwoman Stanbridge suggested to maybe change the wording of the job title to office assistant. Alderman Andrews said the potential new financial system company is coming on Thursday to do a live presentation on their system. Alderwoman Martin states we could call it part time office assistant. Alderman Knous states we will have to change the ordinance then to do that. Amie Knous is still coming up and helping out. Alderman Wulf asks if Jeanette is available to help? Mayor replied he hasn’t talked to Jeanette. For the time being, Laura can help. With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Wulf made a motion to hire Trina Jones as Deputy Clerk, Alderman Knous seconded. Cox, Martin, and Andrews all voted yes. Stanbridge voted no. Motion carries.

Old Business

A.    2nd Reading of Tax Levy

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Knous made a motion to approve the 2nd reading of the Tax Levy, Alderman Wulf seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment: 

John Shaner stated that Alderwoman Stanbridge has been doing a great job working with Dylan Cook and himself in regards to water and sewer.

At 756pm, Alderman Cox made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Alderwoman Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Randy McClure, Mayor                                                                                                                                                           Ashley Cox, City Clerk