City of Virginia 

October 16th, 2023

Regular Meeting Minutes



Meeting Called to Order: 7pm

Roll Call: Martin, Andrews, Stanbridge, Knous, and Cox all answered present. Wulf is not present.

Agenda Approval: Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the agenda, Alderman Knous seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Minutes Approval: Alderman Knous made a motion to approve the September minutes, Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Approval of Monthly Bills: Alderman Cox made a motion to approve the monthly bills, Alderman Knous seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Barrett stated that the audit starts tomorrow. The 1st reading of the tax levy we will discuss; we max it out 4.9% increase. Treasurer Barrett added that we will look at doing supplemental appropriation at next meeting. The TIF filing is at the end of the month and will probably do an extension like we do every year.


Terry Ayres, Tom Prather, Mike Lowe

Monthly Reports

Police Chief Chief Shumate stated it has been busy the last three weeks. An arrest warrant was out that involved the theft incident at Dollar General. There was also 1 stop arm violation. Chief Shumate added that he found out last week there is a new grant opportunity for law enforcement recruitment and retention grant. He will need to get access to Amplifund and will need Treasurer Barrett’s help as he is the administrator. The deadline for that is Nov 15th deadline. Alderman Cox appreciates the Chief for patrolling the school. Chief Shumate also stated that the new officer is due to graduate December 22.

Fire Chief nothing to report

Ordinance Officer Ordinance Officer Large distributed an updated report in everyone’s box last week. Alderwoman Martin stated in the last few weeks she has gotten two compliments on the Ordinance Officer from people that had received violation letters. They said you were very nice to work with and accommodating. They understood you had a job to do and you were trying to do your job and work with them.

Superintendent of Water Report nothing to report

Superintendent of Street Report (John Ratliff) Ratliff stated that the crew has kept up with mowing and weed eating at water plant, cemetery, and the park. There were braces made for Morgan St bridge for the guard rail. There is another guardrail that we are going to replace it with. The crew also helped Chief Shumate put up the cameras at the park, there are now 6 installed. They have also been helping the water guys with the leak, will finish the road off tomorrow. Alderman Cox asked about the culvert on Union St? Ratliff replied he was not sure if the bottom will be too far gone to put a culvert in the culvert. There is another one at sewer plant but not sure if it is going to be the same size. Alderwoman Martin asks if he has an idea when street signs will be finished? Ratliff stated there are 8 more to put up and then we will need to order a few more. Alderwoman Martin added there is a business on Pitt St that doesn’t have a sign and asked Ratliff if that could get that ordered and installed.

Park Board Alderman Cox stated there was a ribbon cutting for new pickle board court and it drew a nice crowd. Jack Handy gave a speech and stated he graduated and never really came back so this is his donation of the court. The donation is dedicated to his coaches in little league. Log Cabin days were last Sunday, not very good weather. There were 100 chops sold so that was a good day. Evan Bell is working on Eagle Scout project building benches for the park. Alderwoman Martin states the pickle ball event was a great turnout. Jonathon Mefford worked long hours to get the gazebo painted and looking nice. On Oct 21 there will be a Halloween parade that starts off the Spooktacular event. There will be vendors in the bus barn, chili at the ball park, and games. Individuals can buy wristbands for $5 at the bank until Thursday. Alderman Cox also thanked Jonathon Mefford and Vern Hagloch for all their work up there, they make it look a lot better up there. They hand weeded the playground and are working on gazebo, etc. Next Meeting: Oct 18th 7pm

TIF no new requests

Attorneys Report


Attorney Veith stated the attorney’s fees were a lot larger this month than before and the reason is because we had two half day trials on two property main cases. The property owner hired an attorney and she put up a very vigorous defense. We won. The Attorney provided the court with a case that Attorney Veith recently read, that states municipalities may not recover attorney fees for prosecuting ordinance violation cases. Judge hasn’t issued any fines or fees yet; she was ordered to clean up her property. The request for fees has been submitted though. Hopefully the property will get taken care of.

Mayors Report:  Nothing to report


Aldermanic Reports: 

Cox Alderman Cox stated that he has been getting a lot of complaints about cats in town. He asked if the dog catcher take care of cats? The response was no. Alderman Cox also asked about the status of firehouse door? Mayor states he hasn’t heard anything. He also thanked Laura Carson for putting the stuff on Facebook.

Knous Alderman Knous had a meeting with water/sewer committee. The next meeting, we can discuss more. The water plant needs some updating/maintenance. Alderwoman Martin states there are some infrastructure grants coming. Mayor asks if they are 100%? Alderwoman Martin states she doesn’t know but she has been keeping an eye out for them because they keep saying they are coming. Alderman Knous states he is mainly worried about the operating system, it has had to be patched several times. Alderwoman Stanbridge states that they are having to do a lot of stuff manually now which ties them up. The repairs are going to be around $30k. Treasurer Barrett states we still have ARPA funds. Alderwoman Martin asks about bonds. Treasurer Barrett states that’s all through VRWS, and that is all fixed. Alderwoman Stanbridge states there are a lot of pumps that they need. Alderman Knous didn’t realize the water tower is not grounded. Mayor states the water plant wasn’t originally grounded either due to the electrician that they had but it is grounded now. Treasurer Barrett adds it has also been discussed about using this money for fire hydrant replacement. Treasurer Barrett thinks that would qualify for the funds and requests getting a list together and then he can call in and ask if the ARPA funds would be able to cover these things. Mayor asks if we could use that money for in house filters for people here? Treasurer Barrett states he will research it. He added we have $197k to use. Alderman Knous states if we can get a list with the cost that would help us if we need to raise the rates. Alderwoman Martin asks if the engineering company would know? Mayor states they probably could help us as well. Alderwoman Martin states the water has got to be a top priority. Alderwoman Stanbridge adds sewer too.

Wulf not present

Stanbridge Alderwoman Stanbridge will discuss what she has to report in Executive Session

Andrews Alderman Andrews asks who is in charge with maintenance? There are lights out at library. Tom Prather stated the library is trying to get the LED lights from Ameren for interior. Prather will take care of exterior. He added those lights are also on a timer and it may just be off. Mayor states you could talk to Ratliff about the lights as well. Mayor states people can call up here to report a street light out. Alderman Andrews asks Mayor about the “workshop” meeting he had brought up in a previous meeting. He stated there are things that the new alderman doesn’t know and we would like to know. Alderman Andrews then added that there are a few sidewalks that need repair. He asked if the property owner responsible? Mayor states usually if they dig it up, they are supposed to replace them. Alderman Andrews asks if we need to turn that in to the ordinance officer? Alderwoman Martin asks if that is the street committee? Mayor states to tell Ratliff if there are some bad ones and see if he can fix them. Alderwoman Martin suggests it would be nice to get a list for the spring. Alderman Andrews asks about a city plan? Mayor states he doesn’t know anything about a plan. Alderman Andrews asks for a workshop meeting to discuss that and get a plan together for the city for improvements.

Martin Alderwoman Martin stated if anyone knows someone that wants to play pickle-ball, she bought 4 paddles and balls for anyone to use and they are at city hall to be used.

City Clerks Report: 

City Clerk Cox addressed the council about Christmas in Virginia. The event will be on December 1st, There will be vendors, a parade, a pie auction, and a silent auction just as there has been in years past.

Deputy Clerk Report


Deputy Clerk Carson stated she changed the air filter in the furnace. She was not for sure when HVAC has been checked. She added there are lights out in the offices. Alderwoman Martin asked who the chair of building committee is? Alderman Andrews responded it is Alderman Wulf. Deputy Clerk Carson states there is a big list of things that need to be done. Alderman Knous adds there are two AC units in the back and there is a barring out in one because it is making noise. Mayor states we can call Wallbaum or can call Doyle Plumbing and Heating in Jacksonville. Alderwoman Martins asks if we heard anything on the roof people? Mayor states we are having issues and have to talk with the attorney about it.

Unfinished Business


  1. Electric Rates

Mayor states we got two different rates. Current Rate: .0499

Quote from Eligo: .0449 for one month but not sure what the months proceeding would be. Quote from Brad: .07899 for one year or two years for .07990

Mayor states he has been waiting on this AEPE account, theirs was .0499 and it is still good until April of 2024. Would like to table this until we can get more information from this company.

Mayor states he doesn’t think this will really change anything in the others. We currently have 18 accounts, AEPE has 13 of those, Constellation they have the other 5. Council is fine with tabling it.


New Business: 

  1. Authorize Laura Carson on accounts for Petefish, Skiles, and Company

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Knous made a motion to authorize Laura Carson on accounts for Petefish, Skiles and Company. Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Authorize Laura Carson to sign checks for Christmas in Virginia

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Cox made a motion to authorize Laura Carson to sign checks for Christmas in Virginia. Alderman Knous seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  1. Discuss Parking Addition to current ordinance:

Mayor states we currently don’t have any ordinance on how people are supposed park on the streets. Chief Shumate states it is not a moving violation. Chief Shumate added right wheels, right side of the curb with flow of traffic is state law. Alderwoman Martin asks Chief if he can write a ticket. Chief Shumate states he can but it is 164 dollars. If we did an ordinance that would be cheaper, it just depends on what the council wants to do. Attorney states in the past the fine has been broken up, part goes to states attorney office then the other part comes back to the city for the state ticket. If there is an ordinance ticket it will all come back to the city. There is no filing fee. City hall would collect the fee, they would pay it here. It would be up to the city if they wanted the city attorney to take it to court if it doesn’t get paid. Attorney states there is an assessment that can be imposed on top of the violation. Alderman Andrews states if it is a regular ticket and it doesn’t get paid, there is a warrant issued for their arrest, right? Attorney stated if Chief issued a violation and it wasn’t paid, we would file it with the Clerk’s office and they would issue a warrant. We are hopeful that people will pay it and move on. Alderwoman Martin suggested maybe we need to remind people that it is a law and they need to park legally. Alderwoman Martin asks if Chief could write a warning ticket on the parking law? Chief Shumate states that would not make sense. Alderwoman Martin states you would be giving them a heads up. Mayor asks for clarification: if a state ticket is issued then a portion of the money goes to the county, states attorney, and the city? Attorney Veith isn’t sure of the breakdown. Mayor states if we had an ordinance and if we fined $50, they would come up to city hall and pay it. If they didn’t pay, we could have the attorney go to court at the county. Attorney Veith states then that would cause attorney’s fees. Alderman Knous asks the Attorney if he would be consulting with the individuals that received the ticket prior to going in front of the judge? Attorney states that this is what the judges prefer. A letter is sent, they go to court, you sidebar with them, and then we go back to court. Alderwoman Stanbridge asks if this is the only option going by the state law or creating a new ordinance? She also asked how many people are we talking here, can we not just have a conversation with them? Mayor states he thinks Chief should just write up a state ticket and they will take care of it. Alderwoman Martin asks why is this a big issue? She added that we already have people that complain about lack of police coverage and she thinks this would cause more of an issue. Alderman Knous asks if we can discuss this in an ordinance meeting. Mayor agrees. Ordinance Officer Large suggests a notice in the paper or put it on the Facebook page. No action was taken.

  1. 1st Reading Tax Levy

With nothing further to discuss, Alderman Knous made a motion to approve the 1st reading of the Tax Levy. Alderwoman Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment: NONE 

At 807pm, Alderman Knous made a motion to go into Executive Session and Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

At 841pm, the council returned from Executive Session.

Alderwoman Martin made a motion to give Mayor McClure the authorization to hire water and sewer contractor{s) at the rate of $2400 per month for both water and sewer services. Alderwoman Stanbridge seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

At 851pm, Alderwoman Stanbridge made a motion to adjourn the council meeting, Alderman Knous seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Randy McClure, Mayor                                                                Ashley Cox, City Clerk